Hottest Degrassi: The Next Generation Guys

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1 Spinner Mason Spinner Mason

Hottest guy at degrassi I love him I wish he was never off the show

His eyes and smile and devilish smirk

2 Marco Del Rossi

I love him why does he have to be gay? ):

3 Declan Coyne Declan Coyne
4 Riley Stavros Riley Stavros
5 Drew Torres Drew Torres
6 Jimmy Brooks
7 Sean Cameron Sean Cameron
8 Campbell Saunders

I love him why did he have to die :'(

9 Hunter Hollingsworth Hunter Hollingsworth
10 Jay Hogart Jay Hogart The Diary of Jay Hogart is a Degrassi Mini and is a part of the second series of minisodes that aired during the sixth season.

Hottest guy along with Spinner

The Contenders

11 Connor DeLaurier Connor DeLaurier
12 Zig Novak Zig Novak

My baby

13 Mike Dallas Mike Dallas
14 J.T. Yorke J.T. Yorke

A hottie with a body that should get a bughati why did he gave to die why god whyy
He was nice and cool like a bucket of ice
And he was adorable and actually tolerable
He was as funny as a bunny
And is so hot and toby is not
I hate drake lempkey so much
He deserves way more than a punch
he's way better in spinner and was a kidder
Jimmy don't compare definitely not with that hair
Jay is stupid definitely not cupid
Sean is okay but that don't matter
Craig well if he was a girl hed be a hag
And you can't forget marco is gay
Well rick is a dick
And dylan is just like milligan
Well into the future there's a few more
And he's not like drew he ain't a man whore
He is not emo like eli(although eli is bae too)
He isn't like dave he was one to save
Not like sav he needs a bath
Defintley not like adam because he's a man
Nor is he like wesley who don't give a damn
Connor is useless so was cam
Zig has no life and luke is a ...more

15 Eli Goldsworthy Eli Goldsworthy

Damn eli

16 Miles Hollingsworth III Miles Hollingsworth III

Drew miles and eli just especially miles

He is so hot like come on

17 Peter Stone
18 Craig Manning Craig Manning
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