Brenda Song

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Brenda Song you are so beautiful! I can't believe you rank #10 because you're one of the best actresses on Disney Channel and I love your performances in the Suite Life series.

I love Brenda Song! She is awesome. I love her movie Wendy Wu. THat's awesome. I like all the karate and punches and kicks. It's so action-packed!

I think your culture is very beautiful and you're not ashamed of who you are. That's what makes you beautiful.

Brenda you are soooooooooooo pretty and you just need to try harder and you will get what you want

I think Brenda Song is the best looking one of them all. No one on this list beats Brenda Song. Miley Cyrus is O.K. looking.

I think your so beautiful and you got the sexiest body i' ve ever seen!!!

is the sexiest sex goddess ever

u are very preety and u got realy good cloths and your awesome

You are so pretty, u r my fav. disney channel star.

Brenda is sexy. She is curvy and has plump boobs.

She is as a good person as she is beautiful just like everyone

Never thought about this until now, but Brenda is gorgeous!

Brenda Song is prettier than anyone on this list!

She is very beautiful and also very intelligent.

To be honest she should be no. 1 she's so beautiful

Brenda is definitely number 1 by far

Hey brenda I love you very much your my favorite actress of all
Some day soon I really want to meet you my opinion is yor so
Pretty. I love your act on the suite lif on deck as london
Tipton. I just wanna say I'm your number one fun. Wish luck to you

She is so cool I like the show with Zack and Cody with her in it I m her biggest fan so she is number 1 to me

Jonathon Gooden

Ok Brenda song should be higher like she is the sexiest person ever on Disney and definitely sexier than selena

She is hot...where is she now? Perhaps she should have had a role in suckerpunch with Vanessa hudgens as well.

Brenda song is a very sexy and appeeling women on Disney shes hot smart athletic knows self deffence and can probley kick the crap out of the rest of her cast and crew