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101 Mindy Sterling

She was good enough for Dr. Evil. Besides, you know she could teach those boys a thing of two.

102 Jasmine Villegas

I am a huge fan of Jasmine about the baby Justin Bieber video I think they will be a wonderful couple,

She's up there with Selena and appeared on "that's so raven"

103 Trina McGee

Girl meets world beauty

104 Camilla Rosso
105 Veronica Dunne Veronica Dunne
106 Grace Phipps

Grace is so pretty! Why isn't she even in the top 20?

107 Oana Gregory

She's the only thing I like about Crash & Bernstein. Why is she not on the list yet?

108 Kimberly J. Brown

I think that she was really cute, when she was in Halloween Town.

109 Brenna D'Amico V 2 Comments
110 Chrissie Fit
111 Tia Mowery

Tia you know that you is sexy cute and you still look like you are 17 and you should just let your wings fly and don't worry about what people say and tell your sister that Ebony G said hi and don't let nobody tell you different okay girl and I seen your little brother in are we done yet he look so cute.

Girl they is trippin 4-real you know you and your sister are the prettiest women on Disney Channel and anywhere else but I guess they wasn't thinking at the time but I got your back.

I love Twiches so much you and your sister are so pretty and good actors!

I love Twiches is my favortie show all the time so much you and your sister look a like,

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112 Tamara Mowery

hey love your sister but how could I forget you.

Your fine like your twin! Keep it up.

I love, love love you girl you are the best

She's my idol Tamara is so pretty,

113 Monique Coleman

hey well i juss wanted to say that im your number one fan and i love you forever and after daeth!! well you are lyke my rolemodel and one day im gonna be juss lyke you except ill never be as pretty as you because im the ugliest person in the world!! well i gota go eat lunch so yea!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Hey Monique I think you're a pretty down to earth girl

your the best in high shcool musical your hot.

"U da best of them all,Your so pretty and cute"

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