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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


I agree that she is so beautiful. But we shouldn't judge people by their looks. It doesn't really matter. I know you've probably heard this a million times already but I'll say it again... it's what is on the inside that matters. I'm not saying Selena Gomez isn't good, she actually is my one of favourite disney channel actresses. I don't really think they should have made this chart, I know this is just my opinion, but I'm sure there are lots of other people who agree with me. If you are one of them post a comment and back me up. I do agree though, that Selena Gomez is the best, and is so pretty, but that is not my point. Actresses shouldn't be judged by their looks, it's not right

She's just amazing! She sings well, she's the best girl in disney channel! She is a awesome actress :) help us beat Miley! &
p. s she's SO pretty in her music video Love you like a love song you should watch it

She is so amazing and she truly cares about ALL her fans! I don't only think she is pretty on the outside, sel is pretty on the inside. By volunteering and spending so much time to thank her fans! She helps others believe in there dreams! I think everyone can relate to her songs and she just seems like she is a fun, life loving, grateful person!

I love her looks, her songs, and her voice
She is very beautiful and her best song is slow down
I love her styles
And how she can keep a crowd on their feet
You go selena!
You are my life time roll model and please don't become like miley cyrus
Because every star roll model iv had has turned bad
You have a lovely voice, and your very beautiful I wish I was you.
My favorite color is green like you and yellow
Love your #1 biggest fan in the world
Keep up the good work!

Selena Gomez is seriously just sexy! She is also one of the only stars on this list not to have gone down hill yet or lost most of her fame. Demi had an episode, Miley is turning all bad girl, Vanessa? Is she even famous anymore? Selena is the obvious choice. Shes not only beautiful, she has the whole package. And on top she is very humble, she is just overall a beautiful human being.

She's so sweet, hot and doesn't try to be something she's not like the majority these days. Also she is honestly the kindest girl ever. Stop hating on her because of Bieber. He wasn't that bad back then and we don't know his actual personality. The thing that counts is that Selena never changed and always remained the same pretty, adorable girl she always was.

Wow, I love all your songs, and I am also trying to sing my heart out in the mirror... I want to become famous like you!

My Mom loves my singing and says someday she will take me to a modeling studio and I can model! Then she says she will try to get me to lessons and stuff so I can be like you! I am 10 years old and want to be a 21 year old so I can really sing my heart out in CROWDS AND CROWDS OF people!

Literally have watched her become a rare breed of beauty. She's real and always shines through. People like to say she can't sing and that she isn't talented, but they couldn't be more wrong. She works hard to get where she has. And she will continue to do so. She's incredible. Justin Bieber fell in love for a reason.

you are very, very beautiful, cool, good, no one can compete you and you know what miley cyrus is just just a garbage in front of you... you are the best belive me... keep it up...

Shes not just popular, shes not just pretty, she has personality! She does this to show that she understands ( I mean writes her songs oops ) but I mean in wizards of waverly place? Shes naughty child but too likeable not to like her! I'm her second biggest fan her mom is number 1 :) I don't know why just... I like her a lot and did you know that if you put in l o l it turns into laugh out loud?

Selena Gomez is the hottest Disney Channel superstar there is. She can sing and dance and act like there's no tomorrow, and she's just an all out princess. I love her so much.

I am disgusted that Selena Gomez is not number 1! Miley is just a sellout that had potential until she just became all slutty. Selena is what is keeping Disney channel going with all her fans. YOU ARE THE HOTTEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR MILEY MUST HAVE NO EYES! - decorulez97

I love Selena Gomez She is my role Model and not just because she doesn't smoke doesn't have tattoos I'm not saying I will hate her if she does start doing things like that I just thought she was PERFECT with a capital P she has a great personality she's funny and easy to fall in love with Keep up the good work Selly (Selena)

Selena gomez is the prettiest girl on Disney Channel. She is also real and a really good actress. Miley cyrus is ugly, fake, and not talented. Wait I forgot one she is a bad inspiration for kids. Selena gomez has a clean record, she helps kids in needs and is totally the best Disney star ever.

Selena is so incredible and the reason why she is number one is because she worked her way to the top. She is so down to earth and she did not do anything bad even though she made mistakes. Even though she has a lot of rumors about her she doesn't do anything bad. Isn't that amazing? And look at all her accomplishments! I LOVE you SELENA!

I'm sorry, it's just how does this ugly, perverted girl come before everyone else! I mean, Sabrina Carpenter is GORGEOUS! Rowan Blanchard is BEAUTIFUL! Dove Cameron FLAWLESS! But Selena Gomez is UGLY!

she is the reason I watch disney SHE IS HOT! THE HOTTEST IN THE WORLD! - decorulez97

Selena is the prettiest girl on disney channel. She is not only pretty but her personality is amazing and you do not find it in most celebrities but Selena has it. She is the best and I love her and I don't care what other people say about her. She will always be my idol and I will always be a selenator x

She used to be the best Disney Channel star until she dated Justin Bieber, Ever since she dated him, her life went into a downward spiral towards trouble.

Your super gorgeous and you deserve to be the disney channel QUEEN!
I think your super talented.
I'm your biggest fan, seriously. I mean hugest fan this world has ever seen. I am hoping to be as pretty and talented as you someday.
Love you!
Your biggest fan

Selena is the prettiest Disney girl... Way better than miley no offense... She's the best!

She is definitely the most beautiful and hottest girl to ever appear on Disney Channel and even all the movies she has done is wonderful. No doubt that she is a great singer. Her songs 'A Year Without Rain' and 'Who Says are so good. She deserves to be in the top spot.

I love you so much I want to mArry you and be with you forever. You Are so hot and gorgeous I just think you are awesome and beautiful. You are so much better than all of the other Disney girl.

she is amazing and so beautiful! The first time I saw her is was so little but still wonderful! and she is also a great actor and singer as well so she must be the number 1 disney grirl

Selena is the best best best hottest woman really in Disney Channel ever! Her acting style her dressing style and everything are awesome! I just love them! I am her biggest fan of her songs as well as from Disney.. But now I miss her a lot :'(.. I wish Wizards of Waverly Place show can come again in Disney.. NOTE: I AM A TRUE SELENATOR: HER BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST FAN EVER!