Hottest Fairy Tail Girls Who are Not in the Fairy Tail Guild


The Top Ten

1 Ultear Milkovich Ultear Milkovich

By far the hottest anime character

2 Meredy Meredy

Me too

I love meredy

3 Yukino Agria Yukino Agria

Yukino is the only saber tooth character I like - Greninjafan127

Shes sooo beautiful like damn

4 Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi
5 Flare Corona Flare Corona


6 Imitatia Imitatia
7 Jenny Realight Jenny Realight
8 Irene Belserion Irene Belserion
9 Minerva Orland Minerva Orland
10 Erza Knightwalker Erza Knightwalker

The Contenders

11 Seilah Seilah
12 Millianna
13 Hisui E. Fiore Hisui E. Fiore
14 Dimaria Yesta Dimaria Yesta
15 Sorano / Angel Sorano / Angel
16 Sherria Blendy Sherria Blendy

Very Pretty. Insanely gorgeous.. can't sleep without seeing her face&b0dy

17 Brandish Brandish

One of my favorites!

18 Kyouka Kyouka
19 Mary Hughes
20 Sherry Blendy Sherry Blendy
21 Ur Milkovich Ur Milkovich
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Top Remixes

1. Ultear Milkovich
2. Erza Knightwalker
3. Irene Belserion
1. Ultear Milkovich
2. Yukino Agria
3. Kagura Mikazuchi


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