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1 Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail. Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her Nakama's calls that they want help. more.

She is the best she may be bossy but she had a bad childhood everyone thinks she is bossy but I think she is the best character she may be stick in the outside but in the inside she is sweet and carring and protective and this is why I voted gor her

The best reason for her to be on top. ... It's Erza and you can't do anything about that.

Erza Scarlet is the most heartwarming and loyal character in all of Fairy Tail. She probably has the scariest past, too, so it's really amazing that she was able to get over it. I wish I could be as strong as her. She's definitely the strongest, sexiest, and most beautiful character in all of Fairy Tail.

Erza is my favorite girl not just of fairy tail, but of all anime.
She's beautyful, strong and intelligent.
The perfect fairy queen

2 Lucy Heartfillia

I think lucy is nice and powerful lucy gives it her all in every battle she pretty and sweet lucy is the best

Lucy is the hottest and the prettiest anime girl I have ever met and it is the fact. Nobody can be better than her!

Lucy is hotter than Erza just look at that body I love Lucy she should be number 1

Prettiest anime girl I have ever seen in my life, along with Asuna from Sword Art.

3 Mirajane Strauss Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her more.

I really like her innocent cute look, but I prefer it when she was a badass, in Algeria form, perhaps. she looks best when she's got her bangs down

Mirajane is Hotter then Lucy mirajane strauss is like the Kim Kardashian of fairy tail sexy sweet and laxus is like Kanye West who is talented and cocky

Mira is like... the perfect girl. Sorcerer Weekly model (which Erza has never done so HAH,) and really nice too. Lucy was a model too but... Mira is cuter.

She should be first! Remember the grand magic games and mira in her hot bikini!?

4 Juvia Lockster

Juvia is kind, sweet and funny she always has a smiling face plus she is prettier than lucy in every single was so I don't see why she is not part of the top 3.
I can say I didn't like her style at first but when she started rocking her long light blue hair then I know she was more than I thought and don't forget the fact that she is smarter and more powerful than lucy.

Juvia is way ahead of Lucy in everything including power, looks, and sexiness

At first I didn't really like how she looked but it got better with some hair and personality changes, and frankly she's gorgeous!

She's just my favourite!

5 Ultear Milkovich

The most beautiful Fairy Tail girl for me.

Very Beautiful. Very HOT!

Ohh she's so PRETTY!

The things I'd do...

6 Cana Alberona

I love her attitude and her revealing outfits. Lol!

I bet her breathe smells horrible and her teeth are rotted because she drinks beer all day.

Cana is underrated she is very pretty and kind.

Sexy but alcoholic

7 Yukino

She's a rip off of other show like bleach.

She is a very kind person

Sooo beautiful

Yulín o is adorable

8 Bisca Connell

My friend said he wanted to do her and I was like 0.0 please stop

She looks like a crack head who lives in a cardboard box.

I dream about Bisca...I also hate Alzack.

I wish bisca was real...:3

9 Wendy Marvell

Why would you vote Wendy? She's twelve and is still growing, you can call her cute but not hot.

*Wendy Marvell actually, and you have to give her some credit! She is a young Dragon slayer (like Natsu) and has healing power. She also has Carla by her side. She may be 12 years of age but, she is intelligent and has a very honest personality. She is very shy and a polite girl, but very eager to make new friends. She doesn't enjoy fighting but, will for the sake of her guild. She is also direct and open with her emotions, which causes her to be very romantic. And tried to avoid fighting but, for her guild will fight without hesitation. Anyways I love her! She is cute! PEOPLE GIVE HER CREDIT!

Wendy Marvell actually, and you have to give her some credit! She is a young Dragon slayer (like Natsu) and will do anything for her guild. She may be 12, but she has a huge heart, and I believe is the sweetest one. I love her! She is cute! PEOPLE GIVE HER CREDIT!

Hate to break it to you pervs, but Wendy IS TO YOUNG to be "hot"! She can be cute, strong or pretty, BUT NOT HOT! LOLICONS X(

10 Lisanna Strauss

I like her the best

I really love her, way too underrated

She is my love

Shes so underrated. people give her more love!

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11 Levy Mcgarden

I love levy she is smart funny and so cute and her and gajeel are my OTP

Pretty cute, and awkward, but that is what makes her great

She is cute, short, Pretty, adorable

Only if you like midgets.

12 Kagura Mikazuchi

She's sexy thought she always wear a lot of dresses

Love her clothing choice, and personality

She looks like a man in drag.

So sexy

13 Meredy

I don't know, shes a team player, and is a very good character overall.

To be honest I think she deserves to be first. Erza seems to be really popular because she's strong and pretty. But then again most of the fairy tail girls are.

She's a true beauty, very hot.

So hot and beautiful is she. Why she isn't in the top slot of this list. She is truly deserved for this.

14 Mavis Vermillion Mavis Vermilion is the first guild master of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. She started as a poor young girl with no parents and friends. She worked for the guild Red Salamander on Tenrou Island. Tenrou Island is also the island that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild where her grave is.

She is very pretty and cute too!

She's beautiful.

Yes. Cute and Gorgeous.

okay, she hot ngl

15 Irene Belserion

Eileen is much prettier than Brandish she is badass and really beautiful. Should be higher.

This Lovely Dragon Momma deserved more love, she is beautiful and hot of course!

Irene is just erza but more busty and sexy

Eileen Belserion. Behold FTs prettiest Lady...and the most Badass( sorry Erza but let's face the truth.)Even though I did vote for Erza.

16 Aquarius

So beautiful even with her attitude

She's pretty hot ok


I love her attitude and she can be kind. I don’t care if you don’t think she isn’t pretty because she is.

17 Imitatia
18 Flare Corona

Even though she was rough to Lucy at the grand magic games, inside she has a heart full of incredible kindness.

she can be really nice!

Hot as hell

19 Sorano / Angel

Very beautiful when she has swimsuit, I would put her higher.

Very sexy clothing

So beuttyfull just like a angel when she wear a swim suit

hot asf

20 Jenny Realight

Most hottest indeed...should have place in top 5

She always wants remove her dress and and shows her bikini all most seduced fairy tale charecter

She has a adult sexy girl look, should be on top 5

How can she not be on this list? She's like an older hotter lucy.

21 Brandish

I mean she has those big tips bro I wanna suck on em

She looks like a hobo.

I really like her looks, wish she's cover up a bit, though

I don't know why they made her boobs huge

22 Seilah

I love her style, its not bright like most of the girls in Fairy Tail

She's HAWT

23 Evergreen

For me, she's prettier than angel and
Millana. The only thing that I don't like about her is her selfish attititude.

She us super underrated as well! I don’t like that she can have a selfish attitude but it’s okay.

I just had to fill up one spot, sorry Evergreen

That's one ugly ass bitch

24 Sherry Blendy

Sherry is a queen

Sherry is just a gorgeous sweety.

25 Minerva Orland

Honestly loved her arc, and she is a total diva

Her without makeup- OP!

I like her thighs and the cruves around her waist.

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