Hottest Fairy Tail Guys

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21 Freed Justine Freed Justine V 4 Comments
22 Acnologia

Higher he is cool

He should be number 1;-;�"

23 God Serena
24 Simon

He lovered erza and even though I shipped her with jellal, he was so sweet and helped them. He also figured out jellal went to the "dark side" during the tower of heaven arc so he is smart too. Also I want to know why he wore the metal jaw.

It was never meant to work out he has a metal jaw

He did not look good he had a Iron face

25 Ren Akatsuki

Ren is pretty hot. I like the fact that he and Sherry are together.

V 3 Comments
26 Bacchus Groh

He is definitely hot! The way he gets drunk and he is so powerful even though they lost, he is hottest guy for Cana! Personally I would say he is the first hot guy!

He's a lecherous drunk, but he's still pretty damn hot. He should be higher

I mean even romeo is better than HIM

V 1 Comment
27 Gajeel Redfox Gajeel Redfox

Come on guys Gajeel is like the hottest dude, not to mention he has a soft side

28 Doranbolt

Doranbolt is so cute He should be within top five!

29 Dyst

He reminds me too much of Jellal.

V 1 Comment
30 Totomaru V 1 Comment
31 Zancrow
32 Plue

Why is Plue on the list? HE DESERVES TO BE NUMBER 1

33 Aries

Uh, Aries is a girl...

Um, she is a girl

Aries is a GIRL

Aries is a girl…but she's sweet, cute and shy. That's what makes her adorable.

V 1 Comment
34 Silver Fullbuster V 2 Comments
35 Invel Yura

Megane long haired ice mage what else do you need to be hot...even though I vote for Rogue(my type) even though I actually love Natsu(because he is Natsu) and Even though Jellal is the hottest and coolest and sexiest( I won't choose him what if Erza sees) I'll just leave Intel here.

36 Kageyama
37 Sugarboy
38 Elfman Strauss Elfman Strauss V 1 Comment
39 Igneel
40 Zirconis
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