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21 Sofia Sofia

The hell is wrong with you people

What has gone wrong with you people.

Sofia is pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, the best!

Pedos were voting!

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22 Mirage V 1 Comment
23 Duchess
24 Megara Megara Meg is a heroine from the Disney movie Hercules. Meg is the love interest for, the protagonist, Hercules. Meg sold her soul to Hades for her boyfriend's freedom. However, the (soon to be ex) boyfriend ended up cheating on her. Meg is scared of getting hurt again. However, once she sees how genuine Hercules's more.

Uh... Megara. Definitely megara.

Yeah. Meg tops everyone.

Honestly, I love everything about Megara's design.

Meg is halarious and full of sarcasm she has lots of musical talents too she is the hottest Disney animated characters

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25 Silvermist Silvermist V 1 Comment
26 Kida
27 Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas is a title character in Disney's 33rd animated feature film Pocahontas, and its direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.

How can Sofia be hotter than Pocahontas?

Too sassy to be at number31 after Sofia?

28 Wendy Corduroy Wendy Corduroy

I think she's a pretty cool character in gravity falls, I won't say the hottest one but still pretty hot..

29 Isabella Garcia Shapiro
30 Judy Hopps Judy Hopps

Guys she's a bunny...

She's got big hips

She got some powerful legs and feet.

But she is not a princese

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31 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.

Thankfully, at least she's sister-less in canon. (Kicking Anna in the head) Take that, Anna from Frozen!

I think she is in the wrong category

Who put her here? Cute; yes. Hot; stretching the boundaries. But, yeah, I would…

If Mabel and Pacifica are better off sister-less in canon, then why not Anna and Elsa (Frozen) too? Huh?

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32 Tiana Tiana Princess Tiana of Maldonia is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog.

Black and Beautiful

Take that, Anna from Frozen!

Thankfully, at least she's sister-less in canon and so is Charlotte.

I'm fed up with less classical, ugly looking 3D GCI.

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33 GoGo Tamago

Thankfully, at least she's sister-less in canon! Take that, Anna from Frozen!

Move over, Anna from Frozen!

34 Merida Merida Princess Merida is a fictional character from Pixar's first ever Disney Princess film, Brave. She is a talented archer who wishes that she were not destined to become the Elegant Queen of Dun Broch. She is forced into a marriage betrothal by her mother, with whom she has a very negative relationship. more.

Thankfully, Merida's sister-less in canon! Ha! Take that, Anna from Frozen!

She is beautiful no doubt - BBugQueen

Not pretty

35 Minnie Mouse Minnie Mouse Minerva "Minnie" Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She was first drawn by Iwerks in 1928, as was Mickey Mouse.

LIKE WHY!?!?! She's one of the most all time classical characters in true history, isn't she?

Thumbs up for Minnie Mouse! Thumbs down for Anna (Frozen)!

Take that, Anna from Frozen!

(To Anna from Frozen) Loser! You're no cuter than Minnie Mouse at all anyway!

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36 Laura the Bimbette

Another classic beauty who's better than the likes of that Anna (Frozen) in every way anyway!

No fair! She should've been number thirty nine, not you, Anna from Frozen!

Take that, Anna from Frozen!

37 Chel

Are we talking about Chel from 'The Road to El Dorado'? If so, yes; though I wouldn't say she's that beautiful, she's kinda a big sexypants the whole movie. By the way, El Dorado is Dreamworks

Take that, Anna from Frozen!

Move over, Anna from Frozen!

38 Moana Moana

I would make her Moan-a!

At least she's sister-less in canon!

39 Helen Parr
40 Arista

Ariel, Arista and their six other sisters are better siblings than Anna and Elsa (Frozen) anyway.

I like her but not that Anna (Frozen) because that Anna (Frozen) is insufferable anyway.

Thankfully, at least unlike that Anna (Frozen), Arista's more memorable, isn't she?

At least she's less of a royal pain unlike that Anna (Frozen)!

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