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1 Ino Yamanaka Ino Yamanaka

Ino is beautiful she has a bossy and high maintentence personality. But and she has a caring heart and bravery. She cares deeply about her friends especially Shikamaru and Choji. Plus she is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

She is sexy. She should be number 1

Sexy hot big boobs nice ass - inosexylover123

Her boobs are so milky

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2 Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I think Hinata is beautiful and unique in her own way it's just she doesn't want to show it off like her body

But Hinata is perfect she is the perfect female character of all times, really I'm not exaggerating think about it, it will be a big dream if you think that there is someone like her in real life who is very beautiful, sexy, skillful, polite, and she cares about her friends, I really want to watch a girl like her everyday just watching without touching or knowing

Amazing body, amazing face, amazing attitude, it's all just perfect... She's like the hottest... Her attitude is magnific, love you Hinata

She is kid almost so she is very shy so doesn't pay attention to her body like*cough* some sluts in the series. She even got the courage to fight Pein or pain what his name is. She to me is the hottest female in Naruto other than INO

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3 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I literally get annoyed every time someone says Sakura isn't pretty. Well then your right! because she ain't pretty! Shes damn HOT and BEAUTIFUL and lets not forget SEXY! I mean did you see her soft silky cherry blossom unique pink hair, her soft creamy smooth flawless skin, her soft delicate slender petite body and her oh so mezmorizing sparkling breathtaking eyes! And I love it when she blushes so cutely. It goes perfect with her hair. And did u see how her eyes shine! It could OUTSHINE the damn stars! And I actually love her short hair. It makes a statement of who she is. Girls don't need silky long hair to be beautiful! OK!? Oh and when she fights it's so cool! And the way she swings her body is pretty amazing! I love her OUTFIT. Its hot. She just had to wear more hotter underwear to make her body show. And lets not forget her sweet smile. She looks so innocent and carefree when she smiles! And I love that fire she always has in her eyes! It shows that behind her beauty is amazing ...more

I'm going to be honest, Hinata is a very beautiful woman. I like her long raven hair, pale eyes, creamy skin, cute smile, her damn hot body and her polite personality. But I voted Sakura for a reason. She is the true definition of beauty. Inside and out. People says she's weak or a witch but they're wrong. She's a girl who has flaws and fell in love with a bad guy. her heart was broken but she kept loving him. It was easy 4 Hinata to love Naruto because his a warm loving person but Sakura had to fight to love Sasuke. She has awesome strength and a cheery personality. she wasn't perfect she did dumb things but that's y I like her. She has beautiful emerald eyes, unique cherry blossom hair, flawless skin and a slim body. She's beautiful, sexy and hot

I hate this because you people think we love Hinata for her boobs. You can't just say Hinata deserves last place just because you hate her. Does Sakura have the balls to go up to Pain and confront him like that? No!

I think she got pretty during the last and boruto I dunno before she was bland, not really much different than any other character, I just hope she divorces sasuke and find someone who appreciates her, and truly loves her ^-^ maybe not naruto because naruhina is the best ha, but sakura really deserves better I feel bad for her whenever she wants sasuke to love her bad that it just turned into her being too desperate XP and then her forgiving him so fast, its sad doesn't she have any form of self worth? , I wish her that she finds someone who will treat her like naruto treats hinata ^-^ plus sarada looks so cute too but even she isn't happy in their dead relationship XP I think she really deserves better - karolinami132

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4 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

She is really hot

Red head love fire personally and awesome set of tits

Sexy, kind, and great mother.

Don't even let me get started with heršŸ˜... My love... I LOVE HER... she is everything a girl/woman needs to be. Cool,charming,attractive,cute,pretty...on n on n on..etc.Also, she ain't the typical anime character and I really like how independent she is. Hats off, the coolest anime female character ever.

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5 (Lady) Tsunade

Tsunade is the first character introduced that gave me a boner, lol

She his so fine and has big body

She needs to be a lot higher. She is so gigantic and sexy!


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6 Mei Terumī

That fiery auburn hair and the body not to mention she is the first female kage (tsunade came after her) which means she is quite powerful and the bang gives her a sexy mysterious look with the one eye honestly I'm so confused why she is not at the top ino and sakura are both ignorant fangirls especially sakura and hinata is a stalking perv

To be honest I think she should be higher on this list. Move Sakura down and move Mei up.

She's sexy and powerful. She have a nice body, a big breast and I love her lips... Mei is the most hottest female in Naruto... She must be at the top!

She is so sexy, and has had biggest loaves.

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7 Konan Konan

Definitely deserves to be no. 1. Honestly, how can you compare her to any other Naruto character and say shes not more attractive? And it really deeply saddens me that she is never shown without the akatsuki cloak. If she did reveal what she concealed a little more, I bet she would be a lot higher

Konan is the most gorgeous girl in Shippuden she is just perfect like a real angel with that exotic blue hair and orange eyes. She is also loyal to her friend s to the end she was willing to die to protect Nagato rinnegan from obito and trusted Naruto to be the bridge of peace that is a woman I want to spend my live with stron beautiful and loyal

How is she not beautiful? That amazing blue hair and deep amber eyes with the paper flower in her hair is gorgeous. Plus, in the show, she's not useless like Karin or Sakura. Put her at least in the number three spot now! She deserves it. If she was shown without her akatsuki cloak, she might be higher

Her purple hair and orange eyes make me so crazy

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8 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi

She is sexy with a hot clothes!

Anko is the most hottest in my opinion because she is very developed.

She is the definition of HOT

Old woman #GTAKonoha - B00BYS

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9 Temari Temari

She is absolutely goregous. She has a very beautiful personality and her looks are a match for none. The only one sexier than her is Ino but still her personality eclipses anything Ino has. Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tsunade, Tenten and Kushina are all very attractive but Temari is the obly one a real man would marry and I blame her low amount of screen time for not being in the top 5 on this list. And she loves Shikamaru. We all love Shikamaru. Come to think about it, writing this was such a drag.

Temari is likeable in so many ways, looks definitely.

Temari not only has the looks of a sexy independent woman, but her personality is very attractive. Temari should be listed higher than what she is. Hinata is overrated.

She is the most sexy girl after ino in the whole series I would really want a girllike her with me in my bed

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10 Karin Karin

I actually think Karin is really beautiful. My favorite is Sakura but Karin could be breathtaking. They just had tto show her crystal red eyes more and style her hair beta. She has an amazing body and a funny personality. She may be a fangirl but she truly loved Sasuke. I admire her for her emotional strength

I only like her from the neck down - SunGoku

A pervert. I don't think she deserves to be in this list.

Karin hot red hair and has awesome bod if I was sasuke she have my uchia babys

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11 Tayuya Tayuya

Not only is she one of my favorite characters, I love her charm and beauty

I Love Tayuya And Her Smart Enough

She is a total tomboy but has the body of a supermodel


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12 Kurenai Yuhi Kurenai Yuhi

I think her eyes is one of the most stand out features she has that adds to her overall attractiveness. Everything about her is just perfectly sexy and everything about complements something else she has. Her body, eyes, hair, strength, and attitude about everything wants every guy to see her in the top 4 or less.

What the hell? Kurenai should be the number one she is so beautiful

She should be number 1

Hottest anime character ever! No doubt about it!

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13 Shizune

I think Shizune is really sexy. She may not be the most revealing, but we can all tell she is hot.

Love you shizune you're the best and your so beautiful

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14 Tenten

Have you seen her new design?! She gorgeous!

She is just pure beauty... All the others are beautiful too but none of them are as good as her

Really Beautiful she is my favorite character

So hot with those tools!

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15 Samui

Nice look, big boobs... What can I say

Awesome, her attitude makes her sexy too

Real good looking and has huge boobs

She is underrated lol.

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16 Pakura V 1 Comment
17 Kaguya Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki

What she looks ugly as hell

She is pretty and evil with her dangerous looks

Her extra eye scares me. Poo.

I lik her hair

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18 Fuu V 1 Comment
19 Mikoto Uchiha V 1 Comment
20 Hotaru

She was willing to sacrifice her life for the family

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