Top Ten Hottest Female Characters from Naruto


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41 Naruko

That is Naruto you no that don't you

Naruto sister she has a big ads and boobs

42 Hanare V 1 Comment
43 Mirai
44 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha

I hope sarada's hair will change because I don't like her hair very short that much, but still she's cute...

Just wow Naruto is getting some fine ass when he grow a up.

She is so cute and beautiful!

-She ist a hottie...

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45 Guren
46 Chiyo

She is the hottest. Boobs as big as Godzilla. 😃

What Chiyo? O-o - SunGoku

Man, she's the hottest female in Naruto!

47 Chocho Akimichi V 1 Comment
48 Yukimi Iburi
49 Tonton

Tonton just so cute. She has the total package, nice boob, nice butt, nice face, everything. She is just so perfect! How is Tonton lower than anybody on this list. Everything that Tonton has is better than anybody., and the way Tonton roll in mud makes my balls tingles. Nobody can compare. PERIOD, BISH!

She is hot. When she is becoming bacon, that is.

Last place? How? She is by far the most sexy creature to have ever existed.

Nice too eat him - B00BYS

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50 Uzumaki Himawari V 1 Comment
51 Tsume Inuzuka

She may barely appear in the series but she is still a fairly attractive female

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52 Hinoko

Only appears in a few episodes but is gorgeous - Naruto4ever

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