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Nicki Minaj Onika Tanya Maraj, known professionally as Nicki Minaj (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist. Minaj is most known for her songs such as "Anaconda", "Super Bass", "Starships" and her feature on "Bang Bang". more.

She is the hottest female in the world just look at her insane body

The one who will marry this girl should thank but I don't like her behavior

WOW she really does have a PERFECT ass like seriously if you want proof just go to YouTube and check out her song Super Bass and then you will know why she should be number 1!

She is sexy her hair face smile eyes nose boobs breasts legs feet tummy belly button soles toes and butt SHE IS SEXY ALL THE WAY! :D

Lil' Kim Kimberly Denise Jones, known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, model, and actress.

Real queen bee.The queen of rap she is hot as hell

You are hot

Lil Kim deserves to be number 1 on this list!
This list isn't about looks, it's about TALENT!


Trina you the best gal.4get about the crazy minaj

Queen Of Rap and the most beautiful rapper alive

I love her grey eyes!

Her ass is sexy

Charli Baltimore

Charli Baltimore is even hotter woman than all of the women in the whole wide world.

Definitely the sexiest female rapper ever, biggie was one lucky dude...

Lauryn Hill Lauryn Noelle Hill is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. She is known for being a member of Fugees and for her solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which won many awards and broke several sales records.

Lauryn hill is the goat in female hip hop. The end "consequence is no coincidence"

Definitely a better rapper than most rappers today.

Miss Ko

#1 rapper in all of Taiwan

Iggy Azalea Amethyst Amelia Kelly, born June 7, 1990 known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model.

Why does she not have more votes?

She's not in the top ten she's like the hottest nicki Minaj is a hot girl but Iggy is the hottest

In my opinion she is the hottest rapper in the world

She has a perfect body and such a beautiful face


Her nickname's the Chinese Rihanna

Eve Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Newcomers

? Manami Konishi

A hot Japanese rapper

? Reol

One of Japan's best musicians

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Lisa Lopes Lisa Nicole Lopes better known by her stage name Left Eye, was an American rapper, singer, dancer, musician, actress, and songwriter.

If any female rap star should be famous then no one could be it so quit complaining and you will be alright.

WHAT IS NICKI MINAJ DOING AT THE TOP! THERE ARE WAY MORE TALENTED FEMALE MC'S THAN HER! Anyway I've always thought Lisa " Left Eye" Lopes was amazing. She showed any off any of her body parts like other female rappers like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and people like that. She always rapped what was on her mind and from the heart.R.I. P LISA " LEFT EYE " LOPES! NEVER FORGOTTEN, ALWAYS REMEMBERED.

I LOVE you

Cardi B Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, television personality and former stripper.

Cardi so cute 100% just like her daughte he eff and offset are made for each other

I love Cardi b because she makes better music then Nicki Minaj

She is my favourite american rapper not like I don't like nicki, iggy, gwen its just that cardi is more cuter I mean look a her picture amazeballs she the cutest of them all I would like to meet her someday I mean my room is full of her pictures I like her because she is fearless, she doesn't become what people tell her to be, she is just herself. COMMENT IF YOU AGREE

Most beautiful female rapper, keep it up baby! You also got a fat ass on you


An awesome Chinese musician

Ayi Jihu

She's from Sichuan

Foxy Brown Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, better known by her stage name Foxy Brown, is a Trinidadian American rapper.

Foxy should be top 5 on this list

She's got the sexiest legs


Shawnna is the hottest. Lil Kim is just ugly and should be last on the list.

Chiraq Baby!

Mizz Eva

The 1st Hong Kong rapper ever

Rinne Yoshida

She has such a cute and punkish look


What a beautiful punk

Chanel West Coast Chelsea Chanel Dudley, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is an American rapper, singer, actress, model and television personality. She came to prominence for her roles in MTV's Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

White girl, blonde, 34-24-32, AND she makes good music.

She is the sexiest girl on earth

hella hot

Akari Hayami

An awesome Japanese musician

Mia X

She's on fire we want more of you show dates and updates on your youtube performance

You are very under rated but the love of your fans are going to get you there

Lyrical is classic. Download her album an adjective of poetry

I see you making way and speaking nothing but the truth

Megan Thee Stallion

hottest one between them by far

the realest female rapper I know and the coldest

Definitely good

smokin hot on god and make fire ahh music

Da Brat

Da Brat had to dress down her sexy ass just so you could pay attention to her lyrics.

Brat should be top 5 on this list!?

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