Hottest Final Fantasy Guys

This is my own list of final fantasy hottest guys. Even if that doesn't match yours, mine is mine. But welcome everyone.

The Top Ten

1 Cloud Strife Cloud Strife

No need any argument here I think!

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2 Vincent Valentine

Sexiest emo brooding loner ever. LOVE. THAT. GUY.

King of my heart and Dirge of Cerebus. I have no Idea why Lucresia left him. Her lost, might be my gain.

3 Saphiroth

Tall, strong, handsome, awesome mixed with evil= ultimate hottness!

4 Noctis Lucis Caelum

This royalty is most finest emo guy.

How cute guy and awesome...

5 Kadaj

Leader of Silver head shake my heart.

6 Squall

Squall with his brown hair and blue eyes, something a little lion-like about him. Pretty boys aren't necessarily my thing but here's one who actually really is beautiful looking. He's got troubles and wears it on his face quite a bit, he always appears to be in thought and looks kind of intelligent.

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7 Zack Fair Zack Fair

Zack is such a cute guy from attitude/personality to facial!

If girls like hero, then Zack is definitely the one.

Hehes like a puppy who could resist lolziz zero attention span funny cute and hot

8 Genesis

Red is always have been will be my favourite and beloved.

9 Edge

Half Ninja, Half Magical

10 Reno

Funny and pretty, make my list.

The Contenders

11 Tidus V 2 Comments
12 Hope Estheim V 3 Comments
13 Ace
14 Ward Zabac
15 Gladiolus Amicitia V 1 Comment
16 Prompto Argentum

Love this guy already, he's adorable and has a fun personality.

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