Top Ten Hottest Girls In Highschool DXD

The Top Ten

1 Rias Gremory

Rias is the prettiest of them all and is very kind, cares about others and would do everything for Issei. Her personality is just great! What do you want more?

She is the sexiest of them

In my mind... IT'S A WATAMELOWN, NEXT TO A WATAMELOWN! meaning she has a nice rack, and sexy as hell (again no pun intended).


2 Akeno Himejima

Akeno gang - RaidenRain

Oh man she is the hottest. She have bigger breasts and sexy ass. She is the sexiest anime character.

Akeno is the best

She is obviously the hottest and also has bigger oppai

3 Xenovia Quarta
4 Asia Argento

She lives for peace she tries so hard to compare to the other girls but she don't know that she already won be real asia is the best

Asia is the sexiest girl and the most kind making her so hot

5 Koneko Toujou
6 Rossweisse
7 Irina Shidou

This ranking is disrespectful. She should be top 3 at minimum. - notbirdlandstew

8 Grayfia Lucifuge
9 Kuroka
10 Ravel Phenex

The Contenders

11 Raynare
12 Kunou

"A new and very promising harem member"

13 Sona Sitri
14 Serafall Leviathan
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