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21 Ryan Ross (Panic! At the Disco) Ryan Ross (Panic! At the Disco)

His personality and individuality is so genuine, and his appearance is great too. But even if he were average looking, he would still appeal to me.

I have loved him ever since I saw him! He's so sexy I can't handle it!

He's the sexiest person in the whole universe! This list is wack! They need pictures of the people to do them justice!

I don't understand why every Panic! fan is so obsessed with Ryan! I get that when he left the band, things changed a bit, but HE LEFT THE BAND! - urielectric

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22 Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)

He's so cute and shy, and he doesn't even care about being cool, he's just himself, and he loves it. That's a good quality because he's not lying about who he is, and you never have to wonder.

Have u seen the man's jawline that's A1 quality right there... His hair is p fine and he is tall... That's nice

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23 Josh Ramsay (Marianas Trench)
24 Josh Farro (Paramore)

So he was only in 2004-2010, but he is so hot and such a nice person! I wanna meet him!

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25 Henry Rollins

Punk isn't about looks at all and half of these bands aren't punk. This list is a disgrace to punk. Henry Rollins is more influential/important to punk than all of the people on the list even if he isn't the best looking person ever. I'm ashamed as a green day fan to see that green day fans have voted on this list.

26 Brandon Barns (Rise Against)
27 John Robb (Goldblade)
28 Zack Merrick (All Time Low)
29 Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots) Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots) Tyler Robert Joseph is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and rapper. He is best known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist for American musical duo Twenty One Pilots.
30 Joey Ramone (Ramones) Joey Ramone (Ramones) Jeffrey Ross Hyman, professionally known by Joey Ramone, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, lead vocalist of the punk-rock band The Ramones.
31 Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones) Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones) Douglas Glenn Colvin, known professionally as Dee Dee Ramone, was a German-American musician, singer and songwriter best known as founding member, songwriter, bassist and occasional lead vocalist for punk rock band the Ramones.
32 Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds Of Summer) Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds Of Summer)
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