Hottest Guys From Seasons 9-10 of Degrassi


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1 Luke Bilyk
2 Munro Chambers

His personality is just amazing, and his face is perfect. And those green eyes, make my heart melt and don't forget that sexy smirk of his! He is just THE BEST! Point, blank, period. 33

I loved him in the latest buzz (I only watched cause he was in it ) and he's like THE hottest guy on the show

he just is smokin hot of all the other guys on degrassi are just ugly k

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3 Landon Liboiron

He is absolutely adorable. - Celestius

4 Raymond Ablack
5 Sam Earle

Sam Earle makes a wonderful K.C., he is adorable, and although has a rough life in 'Degrassi', he is one of the best male characters on the show. K.C. and Jenna make the best couple

6 Shannon Kook-Chun
7 Agiris Karras
8 Jahmil French
9 Jamie Johnston
10 Peter Johnston

Peter is awesome I think he should of stayed on Degrassi and gone to the same university as Darcy because they made a great couple

The Contenders

11 Spinner Mason Spinner Mason

Hottest guy ever on degrassi along with Mike Lobel (Jay Hogart)

12 Ben Lewis
13 Owen Milligan
14 Joey Jeremiah Joey Jeremiah Joseph "Joey" Jeremiah is a fictional character from the Degrassi series portrayed by Pat Mastroianni.
15 Jordan Hydumo
16 Mike Lobel
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1. Luke Bilyk
2. Landon Liboiron
3. Raymond Ablack
1. Raymond Ablack
2. Jahmil French
3. Agiris Karras
1. Munro Chambers
2. Luke Bilyk
3. Landon Liboiron


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