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Dmitri "Misha" Collins is an American actor, best known for his role as the angel Castiel on the CW television series Supernatural.


Not only is Misha unbelievably attractive (those bright blue eyes and head of thick dark hair, anyone? I mean come on), but he's funny, thoughtful, witty, kind, generous, charming, intelligent, lively, and so many other terms that can't even begin to properly describe this man. He cares more about living his life than by what people think of him. He'd rather be himself than fit into some box of expectations and social norms, and that seems incredibly freeing. He's an inspiration to so many, including myself, and if he can't get a smile out of you then you're lying.

Being attractive, and in this case, hot, isn't entirely about physical appearance (though Misha is definitely not lacking in the physical category. Just go look at the man, seriously). It's a culmination of many things, including personality and charm. And Misha's overflowing with both. If this man can't charm your pants off or bring a smile to your face, then I wholeheartedly don't believe you.

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Yes, Misha physically is a very attractive human specimen with gorgeous blue eyes, sexy lips, strong manly hands, a well sculptured and toned body of a marathon runner and um...I was going somewhere with this... OH yes! Those things pale in comparison to his inner beauty and kindness that radiates when he smiles and encourages his fans to spread kindness in the world. In addition to founding a charity called Random Acts, he encourages creativity with GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) and eschews cultural conformity by encouraging individualism in his "Death to Normalcy" stance. There are many reasons to love Misha, and his sexy good looks is only a small part of his enormous appeal.

Misha is the sexiest man in the world. He's so beautiful it hurts. That isn't even the best part. He's a wonderful person and a real role model. He's someone I'm proud to look up to and I hope one day I can find a guy that's nearly as amazing as he is. He's kind, hilarious, generous and just all around wonderful. He inspires me to be a better person and I am so happy that there are people like him in this world. He's also an incredible actor, a dedicated family man and really cares about giving back to the world. He's his own person and he's real which is so refreshing. I'm so glad he joined Supernatural and became my favorite character. I hope the show never ends so I wont ever have to stop seeing him.

Misha Collins is possibly the best role model anyone could ask for. Not only is he ridiculously attractive, he's just a GOOD person. He strives to make himself a better person and to make sure that whoever is looking up to him, let it be his own children or his fans, he makes sure that he's being a good example. He is just simply the most beautiful person I have ever seen. His kindness and generosity makes me try to be a better person just like him. Every day I try to be a little bit more like Misha. His humor, his kindness, is intelligence his eyes, smile, and of course his sex God-like hair. He is definitely one in a million.

He deserve to be the first on this list cause he deserve it ;) I mean I'm not talking about the looks *not that he doesn't have it * but if you try to know more about him you would understand that most of us are voting for him. Cause his handsomeness is not restricted to that might fade away so day its something so much deeper its cause honestly he is the kindest man ever and he is such a sweet, funny, cute, kind, crazy, family guy, so smart, energetic, easy going, sociable, athlete, witty, and so much more and these are the things that make someone attractive not just some cute bangs and adorable eyes and the bluest eyes to ever blue and that nose crinkle

Misha is absolutely gorgeous, but more than that, he's smart and hilarious and the way he interacts with his fans is unlike any other celebrity I know of. He's so generous with himself, and he never treats fans like fans, but more like they are people for whom he's happy to dedicate his time and effort in numerous ways. Also, it's extremely admirable that one of Misha's top priorities is to make a positive impact on the world, using his fame to help others in need. There is no person who is more attractive, or has a kinder heart than this man.

Of course one could wax poetic on Misha's physical self. The eyes, the smile, the occasional scruff, the way his nose crinkles when in full smile or laugh mode. But along with that there is his sense of humor, his wit, charm and generosity. He isn't a diva, he truly reaches out to his fans and loves to love his fans back. Truly I feel like he is a friend to all of his fans and we love him for it. Not to mention that he strives to help others and encourages us minions to be selfless as well. Misha is truly an Angel.

Misha Collins is one of the nicest people ever. He has a great personality which is one of the most significant things to search for in a person. Though his personality is not the only admirable trait about Misha Collins. His magnanimous attitude enhances his overall beauty. Usually, the first physical aspect of Misha that is noted is his stunning cornflower blue eyes. They are indescribable. What I notice first is his honest smile. Every smile from Misha Collins seems like a gift of honesty, truth, and happiness. It makes you want to smile. I can rave about his benevolent self, but I believe everyone knows that Misha Collins is definitely the most beautiful person inside and out. I would want to thank him simply for being an angel (pun intended).

Misha is gorgeous. Not only on the outside, but on the inside. Physically, he has stunning eyes, a drop-dead smile, and perfect hair, not to mention that amazing runner's body of his. But inside, he is just a beautiful. He is hilarious, giving, intelligent and so, so caring. I think his dedication to Random Acts and bettering the lives of strangers is such a fabulous thing for him to do and it makes him that much more attractive.

Misha is tall, with a dark complexion (save his bright, blue eyes) and a smile that has the capacity to be either terrifying or downright goofy at any given moment. He's a fantastic actor (Castiel, as a character, is very complex and he plays every aspect and angle of the character without any hint of unintentional stiffness. Throw in his charity work and I cannot fathom a reason why he wouldn't be at the top of any list.

Misha Collins, while a delightfully attractive man, is not only one of the most fascinating people I've ever had the brilliant chance to know, but also the most beautiful in personality. He is such a wonderful person and I truly hope to meet him someday. But considering this contest is about looks, he is an incredibly fit human. Lovely eyes, a smile to make anyone blush and adorable hair to accompany running muscle and spindle fingers.

I literally don't know what to say about this man. He is beautiful, kind, considerate, hilarious, and understanding. Not to mention one of the best actors on television. He has inspired me to be the person I am today. He has taught me not only to be myself, but how to help others do the same. I have so much to thank him for. And all of these things are what make him the most attractive man in the world.

Misha is top of the shelf in the looks department, but what makes this man so stunning is his dedication to his fans, his upstanding personality, and his ability to be the nicest human being on the planet. He's more than just an actor, he's a hero and a man to be admired. Whether he's using his quick wit during an interview or inspiring people to make a random act of kindness, he will win your heart...guaranteed.

Misha Collins is attractive. Not only physically, but also personality wise. I mean, He got arrested once for reading on top of a bank because he didn't have enough light. And renewed his wedding vows in drag in the middle of a supermarket. He's devoted to what he does, he's a kind man. The fact that he's drop dead sexy is just a bonus.

Even if Misha were the ugliest person in the world, His personality would outshine him. He says what he means, and he helps people with the privileges he's been given. He reaches out to the fanbase and goes beyond the show, encouraging fans to help in his charity work. He's done amazing things, and had an amazing acting career to top it all off! Why should he deserve any less than number one?

Misha is gorgeous inside and out. Those blue eyes are just beautiful, and that smile. He's incredibly sexy, but it's more than that that makes him so beautiful. He's charming, kind, sweet, generous, and quite frankly hilarious. The very thought of him is enough to cheer anyone up on a bad day. He is a true inspiration, and I hope that one day I'm lucky enough to meet him.

Misha Collins isn't just hot and sexy. He's also a real ' Angel of the Lord. He's not only beautiful for his body, he has an incredibly beautiful soul. He's generous, he's compassionate, of his time, of himself. He's a free spirit, a real artist. He's absolutely marvelous and this is why he's the hottest guy of CW. He deserves this just for what he is, no matter what he looks like...Even if he DOES have a beautiful body. He's funny, he's crazy, he's our Overlord. May GISHWHES live forever, Death to Normalcy!

Is this even called justice, Misha is by far the best face ever, he will win for no one can come close to his angelic beautiful perfection, he facial. Structure is scientifically superb. If I see anyone voting anyone other then Misha I will personally cover your room in Mishas face, just so you can see he sexy sex appeal everyday, and you wake to the most orgasm inducing person ever.

I think Misha's hotness (in my opinion) has less to do with his physical appearance (which is amazing) and more to do with the fact that he's a good person. When I got to take a photo with him at Emerald City Comic Con, he was so nice and personable. He even complained that he didn't get to spend more time with each fan because he was late and there were literally hundreds of fans to get through. He's just awesome.

He's so perfect in both body and facial appearances. Those blue eyes are like the ocean and don't let me start to talk about those pink cute lips! But most importantly is his pure heart and kind soul that is shining through those beautiful eyes and enraptures you. The good he's doing in this world, the lives he has changed, it's a testimony to his one of a kind soul

This man is not only gorgeous, but just an amazing person all together. He has a charity, Random Acts (making the world better one random act of kindness at a time). He is one of the few people in the film industry who is truly themselves. Our Overlord is quirky and lovable, and you can't help but let this man ruin your life in the best of ways.

"Have you seen his hipbones? ", lol, like no girl, we haven't. No offense but the voters don't make sense because Ian Somerhalder should definitely be first, and somewhere behind him should be like Chace Crawford or someone beautiful like the both of them. I mean come on, out of all of these guys you can choose from, Misha's the big "#1"...I mean sorry but I TOTALLY disagree.

Misha is really hot, I mean look at his hands, he has the most beautiful hands in the universe, or look at his eyes, the bluest eyes ever, what about his nose, no one have that cute nose as he has, and then there are his hipbones and everything else what is hot as hell

Misha Collins is such a good person, and honestly that makes him so much more attractive than a lot of these actors who have a pretty face but not a lot of personality/good works to go behind it. Misha's kind heart makes him more beautiful than almost anyone.

The thing about Misha is that he's not only physically beautiful, but he's also amazingly kind and thoughtful. He works hard to make the world a better place and he's not afraid to potentially damage his own image to do so. He stands up for people who can't stand up for themselves even if it means he goes against the norm and risks himself. That is beautiful.