Hottest Guys From Uta No Prince-Sama


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1 Ichinose Tokiya

I love Tokiya so much he's sometimes cold but is very caring for others and sometimes dummy

Tokiya is awesome! Just so you know! That's basically all I have to say about him! - Vampirebite801

He is really handsome...


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2 Kurusu Syo

Fashionable, athletic, determined, persevere...and the list keeps going on and on! Syo Kurusu has many strengths and admirable qualities that make him the best! Him being the shortest with a cute face yet a tusundere makes him even hotter too! His looks having a contrast with his personality would be another trait that makes him special and stand out! His blonde hair also matches his blue eyes! The slightly pink highlights at his hair only shows how much pink suits him! He wears a fedora in an attempt to look taller is also a way to show his concern for his height which I find adorable! The clips in his hair are also fashionable and stands out too!

The way he does his hair, and his fashion taste, fantastic! It suits his blue eyes so well! And he has a cute and lively personality too! He's absolutely perfect!

He's really so cute and attractive!

Syo must be the best so tokiya that first place is meant for him butt out!

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3 Ittoki Otoya

It's so obviously he's the best. He gives off that innocent vibe which is very attractive to everyone, even if you don't realize it. His innocence can be taken advantage of

It's so obviously he's the best. He gives off that innocent vibe which is very attractive to everyone, even if you don't realize it. His innocence can be taken advantage of

It's so obviously he's the best. He gives off that innocent vibe which is very attractive to everyone, even if you don't realize it. His innocence can be taken advantage of

He is so adorable and caring! He was the first to help Haruka get in and they became partners to make/sing a song (which was so goood! ) He has a great voice, smile, and his red hair though ❤️❤️! He was also the first to come back after Haruka wanted a group instead of picking an individual. He is really great with kids because of where he visits/works a bit at. He works hard to keep the group together for their sake and Haruka's which is plain sweet of him. And have you seen him blush? o(≧▽≦)o

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4 Aijima Cecil

Aijima is cute! I love that he's not embarrassed at all when he confesses to Haruka! I think it's so funny when everyone gets really angry at him for making a move on Haruka! - Vampirebite801

My baby boy

5 Jinguji Ren

Ren is just an amazing character that anyone will like he's a flirt but he doesn't mess with people's feelings I think that Ren and Tokiya look good together I don't know why though

Jinguji Ren... Yes he's a flirt but he's so cool! - Vampirebite801

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6 Shinomiya Natsuki

Na-chan's so gentle and everything he does is funny. The way he hugs and treats cute things is the cutest thing I've ever seen! And he also is so damn Handsome!

Hahaa! I'm always laughing when it comes to him! I love his other side! - Vampirebite801

7 Kotobuki Reiji

Ah... Poor Reiji... The other Quartet Night members are really cold to him...! - Vampirebite801

8 Mikado Nagi
9 Mikaze Ai

I love Syo and all but AI HAS TO BE FIRST! His strict personality shows how serious he is about his work and how he can do things effortlessly despite doing it for the first time is so cool! He may be an artificial intelligence but I know deep down he really has emotions and cares for those around him. He may seem perfect but there are a few flaws which makes him even hotter since he might be oblivious to it. He's worried about being beaten by STARISH because he knows that he's not all the way up there yet. With his evolution showing growth, it just shows how much determination he has to do what he loves and be perfect it! His eyes and hair colour also matches with the clothes that he wears showing that he can be fashionable too! How he tries to masters a certain thing despite being very good already shows how much motivation he has and drive to be the best. Overall comment : Ai Mikaze must be number 1

Excuse me, but why is he not part of the top list? Ai-chan is just gorgeous and adorable! He may be an A.I but he is absolutely lovely! Strict and firm when it comes to teaching but innocently naive when it comes to love~

Why isn't he in the top 10?!? He's so handsome and pretty!

AI IS TOO CUTE! THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE! He was voiced by an angel, he is serious about his work and works the hardest amongst the whole Shining maybe in par with Tokiya. He may not have a lot of emotions or pickupline like Ren but just looking at him makes me squeal from the hotness that he brings when he dance and sings.

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10 Camus

Laugh out loud! Camus is really funny at some parts though, somewhat cold in others... - Vampirebite801

I really like his count-like appearance and attitude.

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11 Hijirikawa Masato

Bit of a weird personality and a WAY to geeky hairstyle, but I love the way he stands up for Haruka! - Vampirebite801

Old fashioned but really handsome..


Best Boi

12 Ranmaru Kurosaki

Very cool guy! Especially his spiky white hair, just awesome as hell!


da bomb

13 Shion Amakusa
14 Kira Sumeragi


15 Hyuga Yamato


16 Eiji Otori


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