Hottest Hell's Kitchen Ladies

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1 Ryan, Season 16

Hands down the hottest one ever, and she's a great chef.

Hotter than my girlfriend...

Hands down one of the most hottest women to appear on the show. Gorgeous smile and stunning food, what could beat that?

She is so Sexy!

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2 Virginia, Season 2

The biggest flirter in Hell's Kitchen

Her body puts her over the top of some strong candidates. Do you remember some of the shots of her with a bathing suit? More like a Bachelor contestant than a chef.

Where are the pics

AHH! So hot! When she put on her glasses, it was a mixture of adorable and a sexy librarian

3 Dana, Season 10

Gorgeous, and had a sexy personality.

Beautiful. Great in a bikini

Coolest and chill personality and super super hot


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4 Bonnie, Season 3

One of the hottest runner-ups in Hell's Kitchen

Because of her I wasted 7 hours of my life sitting through season 3 of Hell's Kitchen. So sad its over now I want more Bonnie!

Super cute, what else is there to say.

Not trying to be gay but just admit it

5 Holli, Season 7

The hottest lady that won Hell's Kitchen

She was attractive and so was her cooking she was the perfect combination of inside and outside

A Katy Perry lookalike

6 Melanie, Season 12

She’s a cutie, and somehow the show got away with showing her get dressed or changing in almost every episode, magnificent!

7 Sarah, Season 14

This gal is hot. Can't resist her by her sexiness. - ndog

Although inconsistent on services, she is undeniably hot.

so hot


8 Carol, Season 5

She may have a bit of an attitude problem, but you can't deny she's beautiful

Oh my god. So hot.

Really confused, but kind of hot.

Yep she was beatiful. I mean come on.

9 Christina, Season 4

Really hot, even Dave from Season 6 believes so.

number 1

10 Heather, Season 2

One of the hottest winners of Hell's Kitchen

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11 Jillian, Season 8
12 Ashley, Season 15

Absolutely the hottest contestant to ever grace hell's kitchen - Aquaturtle

13 Susan, Season 11

Easily the hottest girl ever on hells kitchen. Her body was unreal.

14 Denine - Season 13
15 Sabrina, Season 8

Very good looking and that ass is amazing

I would let her do anything to me

Nice ass


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16 Paula, Season 5

By far the hottest. Especially when she was in her bathing suit.

17 Sabrina, Season 6

Nominated a lot, but slight a little hot.

18 Christine, Season 14
19 Natalie, Season 9
20 Ja'Nel, Season 11

To good for words

So sexy

Great body

She has the best body I’ve ever seen

21 Corey, Season 4

One strong, hot chef.

Mm that body

22 Amanda, Season 6

She's the hottest contestant in season 6.

Sexy.. just hot

23 Elizabeth, Season 9
24 Michelle, Season 14
25 Sharon, Season 4

Not a strong chef, but she was cute.

Too bad she didn't last longer. She was hot.

26 Mary Ellen, Season 1
27 Autumn, Season 7

Those tits...

28 Ariel, Season 6
29 Melissa, Season 3
30 Sous Chef Andi, Season 7

No one ever said this list had to be contestants only.

Should be higher! - Conhill389

31 Simone, Season 12

She was a bit out there, but she was a very beautiful woman.

Take he off this list she is ugly

Simeone probably put herself on this list...

Shouldn't be here.It's a joke that she's higher than Katie,Amanda and Jessica

32 Kristin, Season 15
33 Katie, Season 13

Super hot! Hottest chef ever on HK

34 Meese, Season 15
35 Gina, Season 9
36 Roshni, Season 10
37 Jessica, Season 11
38 Jen, Season 3
39 Christina Wilson, Season 10

I should be number 1!

Christina is a BEAUTY. And a great chef.

She is such a pretty woman! :D

40 Carolann, Season 1

Gorgeous woman. I would bang her hard. :D

41 Rosann, Season 4
42 Gail, Season 8
43 Amanda, Season 9
44 Robyn, Season 10
45 Siobhan, Season 7

Celtic beauty

46 Heidi, Season 16

Gorgeous, and a leader in the kitchen

47 Heather, Season 16
48 Melinda, Season 6
49 Joy, Season 12
50 Ji, Season 5
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