Hottest Hell's Kitchen Ladies

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1 Ryan, Season 16

Hands down the hottest one ever, and she's a great chef.

Hands down one of the most hottest women to appear on the show. Gorgeous smile and stunning food, what could beat that?

The hottest ever on the show. - ndog

Hotter than my girlfriend...

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2 Virginia, Season 2

The biggest flirter in Hell's Kitchen

Her body puts her over the top of some strong candidates. Do you remember some of the shots of her with a bathing suit? More like a Bachelor contestant than a chef.

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3 Bonnie, Season 3

One of the hottest runner-ups in Hell's Kitchen

Because of her I wasted 7 hours of my life sitting through season 3 of Hell's Kitchen. So sad its over now I want more Bonnie!

Not trying to be gay but just admit it

4 Holli, Season 7

The hottest lady that won Hell's Kitchen

She was attractive and so was her cooking she was the perfect combination of inside and outside

A Katy Perry lookalike

5 Sarah, Season 14

This gal is hot. Can't resist her by her sexiness. - ndog

Although inconsistent on services, she is undeniably hot.

so hot


6 Carol, Season 5

She may have a bit of an attitude problem, but you can't deny she's beautiful

Really confused, but kind of hot.

Oh my god. So hot.

Yep she was beatiful. I mean come on.

7 Melanie, Season 12
8 Dana, Season 10

Gorgeous, and had a sexy personality.

Adorable. I loved her.

9 Christina, Season 4

Really hot, even Dave from Season 6 believes so.

number 1

10 Heather, Season 2

One of the hottest winners of Hell's Kitchen

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11 Susan, Season 11

Easily the hottest girl ever on hells kitchen. Her body was unreal.

12 Paula, Season 5

By far the hottest. Especially when she was in her bathing suit.

13 Sabrina, Season 6

Nominated a lot, but slight a little hot.

14 Jillian, Season 8
15 Natalie, Season 9
16 Christine, Season 14
17 Elizabeth, Season 9
18 Sharon, Season 4

Not a strong chef, but she was cute.

19 Corey, Season 4

One strong, hot chef.

Mm that body

20 Ashley, Season 15
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