Hottest High School DxD Females


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1 Rias Gremory Rias Gremory

Cool nice in beautiful and sexy and nice voic


Rias is no doubt the best anime girl I have ever seen. When I saw the first episode, in my mind I was thinking... IT'S A WATAMELOWN, NEXT TO A WATAMELOWN! I mean daammmnnn! She is sexy as hell (no pun intended). She has the perfect personality too. She knows how to fight smarter, not harder.

Rias is the best anime/manga girl. She's sexier than Akeno. Rias is just sexy (nice set), pretty, smart, kind and calm personality, cares about others. So what do you want more? She would stay with you till your last second if she is your girlfriend! She is the perfect combo for a girl! Every guy would fight for her! Vote crimson haired princess!

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2 Akeno Himejima Akeno Himejima

She is hot sexy cute and tough but behind all of that is a women with a hard past who covers it up that fact that she is hurting inside Akeno is hot

Just So hot

She makes way more daring than Rias, she literally would let Issei have sex with her without a second thought.

I love Akeno. She is so hot and kind 😍

3 Yubelluna

Her Sexy Appearance And Perfect Curves Are Too Good To Not Be In The Top 3 - Lollol

4 Grayfia Lucifuge Grayfia Lucifuge

Nobody was more royal in a maid outfit

The Women With The Perfect Body - Lollol

5 Kuroka
6 Koneko Toujou Koneko Toujou
7 Xenovia Quarta Xenovia Quarta

Her hair is a turn on

8 Asia Argento
9 Irina Shidou Irina Shidou

That latex suit shows off her perfect curves enhancing and showing off the size of her boobs, along with her cheerful voice. She's just the hottest character! *nosebleed*

10 Tsubaki Shinra

The Contenders

11 Raynare Raynare

Nice set of racks and a good competitor to Rias

12 Rossweisse Rossweisse
13 Serafall Leviathan
14 Elsha

She is sexy and I want to slide my hands to cup her breasts and squeeze them.

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