Top Ten Hottest Kollywood Girls

We are going to take a look at the top 10 hottest Kollywood girls.

The Top Ten

1 Trisha

No doubt about it Trisha is every mans dream wife, absolutely nothing wrong with her.

2 Nayanthara Nayanthara Diana Mariam Kuriyan, better known by her stage name Nayanthara, is an Indian film actress who predominantly appears in South Indian movies.

A sexy diva is what you can call her, she started off as a young actress and has really grown into a mature person.

She is damb beautiful. No one can chalenge wit nayan

3 Shriya

The fashion model is definitely the best dressed actress and on of the reasons why she has so many fans.

4 Anushka

Hot actresses and really good at acting. Her beauty is decreased just a little because of her height.

5 Tammana

Her acting is really not that good but she is damn SEXY. Every man would want the opportunity to stand right next to her.

6 Asin Asin Asin Thottumkal, known mononymously as Asin, is a former Indian actress and trained Bharathanatyam dancer.

If Asin makes a comeback, she can give Trisha and Nayanthara paatis a run for their money. Asin is a natural actress and does own dubbing for all movies, not like artificial actresses like Trisha and Nayanthara who does duping in the name of acting. Now she is married and happily settled while Nayanthara Trisha still killing us with their 1 paisa acting.

Been acting for many years and she is definitely a good actress and her beauty is some what attractive. Her career is basically over, being one of the reasons why she didn't make top 5.

7 Priyamani

Just falling short of the top 5 her acting and beauty make her a hit and she definitely has the beauty to back it up.

8 Kajal

Hot as she is, her sometimes poor acting makes her rank lower than the rest of the actresses. You need both beauty and good acting to be one of the best and she has the potential to do it.

9 Genelia

Beautiful smile and face. Her beauty has stunned many people in her good movies.

10 Amala Paul

Being a new actress to Kollywood she still has a long way to go to show off her beauty.

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