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1 Sebastian Michaelis Sebastian Michaelis

A demon, seducer, butler, friend, and sex god all wrapped into a human form, what more could a person ask for? All of that in a demon form of course! Sebastian is a man of his word. He stayed loyal to his young master even though he is upset that ciel is now a demon(spoiler alert for those who haven't seen kuroshitsuji 2) he still kept his composure and accepted his fate. You know why cause he is awesome and sexy. You have seen his many disguises and we all know we want this demon to be the real thing so we can all have him to ourselves, but we also have to remember that this is the real world and sebastian lives in the anime world (sadly).

women call out your name in their sleep, men are jealous of your sexyness, homosexuals want to do you. Everyone loves you Sebastian Michaelis!

Because he simply is! One of the most amazing man I've ever seen. I mean, in every look and pose, he's just too cunning that I can't help but scream, enter my fan girl mode, and go all "I love you Sebastian Michaelis! " And dang! I just love his most famous line!

"Yes, my lord! "
Ono Daisuke's the perfect seiyuu for this character!

Because he simply is! We haven't even seen his true form yet and he's already like owning all the other characters with his almighty skills, looks and whatnot!

He's so hot! (But my brother finds him ugly) - MLPFan

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2 Alois Trancy Alois Trancy

Alois was pretty much a misunderstood character. In the first episode, Alois pretty much scared me and I hated him for gouging Hannah's eye out for no reason. But as I continued watching, Alois just started to appeal to me. His personality and looks, his past, everything! I loved him! Now he's my favorite character of all time, with Ciel following closely behind. I'm really glad that Alois' soul went to Hannah, and not jerk-face Claude so that Alois could be reunited with the people that loved him. Who can't love Alois and his bootah shorts?! ;D
Oh, and, nice legs. ;P

I just love Alois because of many reasons that have been stated already. At first, I hated him for what he did to Hannah but I began to understand and love him especially after I knew about his past. I really cried when I witnessed his demise. :'( I love his personality and there's always something about his eyes that makes me love him more. ) Oh yeah, almost everyone mentioned this already but I wanna say it too... He has smexy legs. I just want to hug him tight and tell him I love you. (Damn you, Claude, for killing him! )

He has so much personality and he was just so interesting. At first I thought he was just crazy but he grew on me because I know how much it hurts that nobody loves you and you are unloved. It's just natural for him being the person he is. Most people don't understand that. I voted for him because he deserved that ut I also love Sebasu-chan =D Oh and Alois has very sexy legs!

His shorts. I'm sorry but his shorts. Yes Alois, you are attractive. But two words. His shorts. That is all.

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3 Ciel Phantomhive Ciel Phantomhive

At first I though him just cute and all, but I do have to say that someone that shows little to no emotion kind of has that whole mysterious sexiness about them.
It's also possible to be cute and sexy at the same time so I believe that Ciel is both.

And did you see him in the Ciel in Wonderland OVA when he got turned into an adult?
Aye... /love

I always thought of Ciel as one of the best characters... But now I KNOW he is the best. I mean, did you see how sexy he became because he turned into a demon? SO HOT x3

No but really, because he turned into a demon, it makes him sexier and more annoying then he was to sebby in the first season. So that pretty much explains WHY, he should.. More like me spazing about his sexiness.


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4 Lau

Lau just has that how should I put it? "oomph" factor for me :3

He is my uncle

I just... UMPH! Why doesn't he ever get enough love?!

he's hawt

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5 Ronald Knox

Why is he not already on here? He reaps with a lawnmower, now that is badass. And he is very sexy, sorry but the half black half blonde hair and his partier/player attitude, just love him.

His glasses look really cool, and his half-toned hair is awesome! Not to mention his whole hard worker/ party attitude is really awesome and cute :3 Not too mention his lawnmower... Badass

The whole hotness about his appearance and his general attitude just pulls people in, you know?

He's just wonder ladies love him

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6 Prince Soma Asman Kadar

Because his childish way of acting combied with his great caring and kind heart is just too good not to like. His dark skin, beautiful eyes and wavy purple pony-tail hair is just to die for! How can he NOT be on the list? - souly

His adorable personality plus his to-die-for looks equals a very in love me

He is verry kind but also childish and he looks great so you must like him.

Soma might be chidish but he has a big heart and cares about the ones close to him and he is pretty sexy.

7 Finnian

He is so cute and who don't love a strong and cute boy... No one!

He is the sweetest and the nicest human ever! He is always concerned for other people dispute his hard life, he lives animals, gardening, and has absolutely adorable! What more could a girl ask for?

Who couldn't love Finny?! He's so adorable and strong! I mean being able to pick up a tree and destroy an enemy with it in minutes is amazing but you can also look cuter then a puppy dog after? GREAT! Finny is just KAWAII no doubt! :3

Finnian is adorable! He's really cute and sweet! How can you not love him? :3

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8 Undertaker

because he is so cute and sexy with his long black nails and his silver long hair and I love his hat x3 and everyone will say its sebastian. they both are the hottest but I take undertaker cause he needs love

I don't know! Have you guys seen him in the manga, where he showed his true self! He was so hot really should see him!

He's funny and intriguing, his laugh is bone chilling and always makes me smile. He's original, and apparently a shinigami legend. (A sexy one at that)

As couple people have already said he's that sexy creepy man that you just find intriguing. The mystery to him just draws your attention making you want him more.

Bro in the manga it even said he was the most beautiful characters, also his personality just kind of appeals to me.

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9 Grell Sutcliff Grell Sutcliff

Oh yea Grell is clearly the best!

He is just so epic and I love his retarded personality, but I gotta say, I love Alois too!

I still think Grell is the hottest though bru!

Grell is very beautiful, even though he believes he's a girl. It isn't fair that people discriminate against him because he's himself. He deserves a chance. I, unlike most, can see past that and can see his inner awesomeness.

Well, I am still at first season of the anime (my country does not have the manga) but I just simply love him, because, well, he is funny, he does what he must in missions, he has good taste for men.
I love how he is simply himself, he does not have any shame, he stays true to what he likes, he is somehow relatable for me (i am a weirdo people)
And I love that he chose the right side after all

I'll keep it simple!

Whenever I see Grell, I just feel so happy and laugh like a psycho at his funny comments towards all the guys he likes.

I'm a Grell, seriously, I can relate to Grell in so many ways! He is super awesome, hit and cute at the same time and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! 🌹❀

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10 Willian Spears

I'm a sucker for someone cool and spicy like William. Specifically, I'm a sucker for a tall man with glasses and a tree trimmer for a weapon. Squee.

How is William so far down on this list. I love him! He's tall, sexy, handsome, badass...and his voice! His voice could cure any disease. And when he wears pyjamas!

Okay...Lau is befor him?!?!?! Hello! Willy most certainly beats him at least.

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11 Snake

Snake, in my opinion, is helluva sexy and hot beast! Even though he is a hybrid, WHO ' CARES! He has such a cute personality. Like maybe a jealous boyfriend. He's so innocent :3 and that's why I love him :3

Really? Snake is ranked at this number? All I got to say is that Snake is a sexy beast literally. For all the Snake fan girls out there Snake is #1 to us.

I honestly fell in love when I first saw him! I love the fact that he lets the snakes talk through him. And honestly, I don't think him being a snake/human is weird - it's actually pretty awesome. Such an amazing character and, for me, definitely #1!

The fact that Snake is a precious cinnamon roll makes him hot!

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12 Agni

Now I know I voted for Sebastian, but I have to admit, Agni is also one sexy character. He's such a considerate man and knows where his place in life is. In a couple of ways, he's almost like Sebastian himself. While it's true that he isn't a demon or anything like that, he has a hand blessed by the gods, for crying out loud which means that he is also granted with the ability to fight and perform tasks with inhumane talent. If I were in the manga and I was there witnessing the two butlers fighting each other, I would be enraptured in the battle and wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off of them.

Agni is awesome. He's nice to all the servants, and really hot. Plus, his skills are on par with Sebastian, a demon.

His skills are on par because he has a hand blessed by a god, and you have to admit sebastian is still more talented, and better combat wise.

Think what else he could do with his "magic" hand.


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13 Edward Midford

He's really hot... Not to mention he's so loyal and strong and talented not to mention he's undeniably hot and can use a sword... He's sort of my perfect guy

Any votes for Lizzy's older brother anyone? Personally, I think he is one sexy and hot man.

Chapter 118 is all you need to see to know that Edward is the hottest.

YAASSS 119 shows him and Sebastian in this panel and I couldn't stop screaming at how innocent and hot he looked! I'd vote for him anytime

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14 Angelina Dalles
15 The Triplets

Aww what about these the mysterious guys don't speak to anyone but themselves, work great, and are especially loyal they've got my vote!

The triplets are adorable, and just because they don't talk doesn't mean they should be hated, I honestly love the triplets and to me they are just amazing.
I do not hate all the characters I do not just like one character.
All the characters are great, some annoy me once in a while, but they are great!

They are so cool and adorable, I don't get how they're so low down. I know they don't talk much but when they did that one time it was funny as hell. Canterbury is my favourite character and the triplets are awesome!

They are so hot and mysterious and they are 5,6, and 7 in my book

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16 Pluto Pluto Pluto, also called Pluto the Pup, is a cartoon character created in 1930 at Walt Disney Productions. He is a yellow-orange color, medium-sized, short-haired dog with black ears.

No votes for Pluto...? ouo

Ciel and Pluto are equally my fav. but I love pluto because he is simply an interesting character. He is a demon hound, and his ability to transform from hound to human is so cool. While he doesn't talk, he expresses his emotions through actions. Also its so cute the way he just wants to love sebastian, but sebbie rejects him cause he doesn't like dogs D: Overall I love that demon poof

I think Pluto is really cute! He needs more love! I'm sure many more people out there love him too! We love you, Pluto!

Pluto is adorable... :3 He's so cute and innocent and... And... And... And

Oh god that photo - 445956

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17 Joker

Come on guys he is perfect... So hot!

He works at a freakshow

Seriously though... Sebastian gets waay too much credit. Joker is so attractive- I mean did you guys SEE him without makeup? And at least Joker cares about his family! I can't believe so many people don't agree on this.

Every time I see him I say "HAW-HAW-HOT! "

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18 Earl Charles Grey

How is he not even on this list!? With that long silver hair and gray eyes, he definitely tops Sebastian. Well, he was never introduced in the anime, so I guess he's a sort of obscure character... But he's definitely the hottest. Plus, he eats a ton and still manages that figure. What's not to love?

He's so perfect

I love everything about him!

I LOVE GREY SO MUCH! He has that beautifull silver hair,blue eyes,
And white eyelashes he definitely needs more screen time

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19 Drossel Keinz

Drossel is awesome even though he got killed off so quickly Q A Q HE NEEDS MORE LOVE Q A Q I wish they had more merchandise of him...

Although his appearence was brief, he was gorgeous and such a sad background and creep doll-making power just makes him even more attractive!

So I thought to myself, why don't I add Drossel Cainz to the list? Because what is there not to love about a creepy doll guy?

He is, by far, the HOTTEST doll I've ever seen! 😍😍😍

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20 Lord Aleister Chamber

He's like so hot, come on Sebastian is overrated, look at him in the anime and you'll see what I mean!

It's basically part of his personality to be attractive, not to mention the fact that he is simply so suave and dashing.

He is the third hottest manga guy in my book

21 Elizabeth Midford Elizabeth Midford

Why isn't that badass Lizzy here?! She is the coolest character! Manga readers... Anyone?

22 Doll

Yeah, she had a missing eye, but she was glamorous and a sweetheart. If I had to pick one girl from all of them in this series, it'd be Doll or maybe Elizabeth (anime series - haven't read the manga, I don't have enough time or money for that nonsense right now). I bet Doll is a contortionist too...

23 Meyrin

With her glasses on meyrin is hot in a cute way, Then boom, she takes her glasses of and badass Meyrin kicks in, making her as hot as ever, I love it when she pulls her guns out!

Come on shes cute! And when she put off her glasses is very hot

She is really good at using gun, she's just clumsy 'cause she's not familiar in being a maid. When she take off her glasses, she looks really pretty

When she's wears her glasses, she is the clumsy, cute littler Girl. But when she takes them of... BOom she is a hot badass

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24 Hannah Anafeloz

I mean just look at her!

25 Beast

Ok I don't know why there are not any women on this list! The titleof this page is Top Ten Hottest CHARACTERS! But anyway she has a great figure and is a sexy BEAST! But seriously, she needs... Less revealing clothes and the fact that her lace broke was good enough. Hah! Anyway, she is hated a lot but come on, with a body like that she has to be important.

She's probable the hottest female in Black Butler!
Beast should be higher up the list

Any girl that gets to bang Sebby is top in my book

26 Ran Mao

She is cute and sexy

27 Baldroy

Guys, Bardroy is a boss! And his accent and cigarette make him even more likeable! He need more love! Plus, he looks like Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist which is one of my favorite anime! AND his accent! Oh my god!

Hot as hell, also his background story and his accent. why do people think the KIDS are more attractive than this guy?

28 Dagger

A little bit of a spoiler but how he protected beast was so cute and he has such a kind heart also he he is nice and cute. :-)

29 Madam Red
30 Tanaka

Come on guys, all the sexiness is coming from this guy ~

31 Claude Faustus

He may be hated a lot. But you have to admit, he is pretty hot.

I love Claude for exactly all of the reasons that everyone hates him. No regrets.

He is hot and yes he killed number two alois but he is a bad boy a demon and he is hot get glasses

Yes I agree but that 1 I problem with alois and you no his death πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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32 The Angel (Angela/Ash)

Why none for Ash, he is the third hottest manga guy in my book

Why does Ash not have more votes? Come on ladies, are you blind?

Angela is basically my idol, as horrible as that sounds.

Ash is sooo HOT!

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33 Vincent Phantomhive

Cmon guys he's Ciels Father AND he looks like Sebastian. I mean really how can you go wrong? - 9ninelives

Yeah, of everyone here I gotta say Vincent was the best, and more of a people-pleaser than Ciel. Honestly, he was probably a better watch-dog too. And he seemed to be a pretty decent guy, even though he was basically a criminal.

Have you seen him? READ THE MANGA. He even has a beauty mark, seriously. This guy is way to bishie to be Ciel's dad.

And I thought Ciel was hot...

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34 Aleister Chamber

He's weird but he's attractive

35 Fred Abberline

Fred Abberline. He's even based on a real-life person, Frederick Abberline, the actual Chief Inspector in charge of the Jack the Ripper case. Fred is sweet, a family man, and pretty good looking. He also isn't a complete psychopath like everyone else in this poll (except Agni and Soma, and I think Elizabeth? I love them - used to think Finny and the other servants were great too until Book of Circus, now I think they're kind of evil... really ruined those characters for me.).

36 Soma Asman Kadar (Black Butler)

He's just absolutely adorable. His charisma is so enchanting, not to mention DEM ABS in ch. 118!

37 Edgar Redmond

He is sexy and damn his hair is better than mine😍 Why is he not on this list?!

38 Sieglinde Sullivan

JUST LOOK AT HER. She's so adorable... she's also very clever and kind. :3

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