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21 Elizabeth Midford Elizabeth Midford

Why isn't that badass Lizzy here?! She is the coolest character! Manga readers... Anyone?

22 Doll

Yeah, she had a missing eye, but she was glamorous and a sweetheart. If I had to pick one girl from all of them in this series, it'd be Doll or maybe Elizabeth (anime series - haven't read the manga, I don't have enough time or money for that nonsense right now). I bet Doll is a contortionist too...

23 Beast

Ok I don't know why there are not any women on this list! The titleof this page is Top Ten Hottest CHARACTERS! But anyway she has a great figure and is a sexy BEAST! But seriously, she needs... Less revealing clothes and the fact that her lace broke was good enough. Hah! Anyway, she is hated a lot but come on, with a body like that she has to be important.

She's probable the hottest female in Black Butler!
Beast should be higher up the list

Any girl that gets to bang Sebby is top in my book

24 Meyrin

With her glasses on meyrin is hot in a cute way, Then boom, she takes her glasses of and badass Meyrin kicks in, making her as hot as ever, I love it when she pulls her guns out!

When she's wears her glasses, she is the clumsy, cute littler Girl. But when she takes them of... BOom she is a hot badass

Come on guys! I like boys but I dislike that there's no girls in this list. If I have to choice a girl ill choise meyrin shes cute,

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25 Hannah Anafeloz

I mean just look at her!

26 Ran Mao

She is cute and sexy

27 Dagger

A little bit of a spoiler but how he protected beast was so cute and he has such a kind heart also he he is nice and cute. :-)

28 Baldroy

Guys, Bardroy is a boss! And his accent and cigarette make him even more likeable! He need more love! Plus, he looks like Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist which is one of my favorite anime! AND his accent! Oh my god!

Hot as hell, also his background story and his accent. why do people think the KIDS are more attractive than this guy?

29 Tanaka

Come on guys, all the sexiness is coming from this guy ~

30 Claude Faustus

He may be hated a lot. But you have to admit, he is pretty hot.

I love Claude for exactly all of the reasons that everyone hates him. No regrets.

He is hot and yes he killed number two alois but he is a bad boy a demon and he is hot get glasses

Yes I agree but that 1 I problem with alois and you no his death πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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31 The Angel (Angela/Ash)

Why none for Ash, he is the third hottest manga guy in my book

Why does Ash not have more votes? Come on ladies, are you blind?

Angela is basically my idol, as horrible as that sounds.

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32 Vincent Phantomhive

Cmon guys he's Ciels Father AND he looks like Sebastian. I mean really how can you go wrong? - 9ninelives

Yeah, of everyone here I gotta say Vincent was the best, and more of a people-pleaser than Ciel. Honestly, he was probably a better watch-dog too. And he seemed to be a pretty decent guy, even though he was basically a criminal.

Have you seen him? READ THE MANGA. He even has a beauty mark, seriously. This guy is way to bishie to be Ciel's dad.

And I thought Ciel was hot...

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33 Aleister Chamber

He's weird but he's attractive

34 Madam Red
35 Fred Abberline

Fred Abberline. He's even based on a real-life person, Frederick Abberline, the actual Chief Inspector in charge of the Jack the Ripper case. Fred is sweet, a family man, and pretty good looking. He also isn't a complete psychopath like everyone else in this poll (except Agni and Soma, and I think Elizabeth? I love them - used to think Finny and the other servants were great too until Book of Circus, now I think they're kind of evil... really ruined those characters for me.).

36 Soma Asman Kadar (Black Butler)

He's just absolutely adorable. His charisma is so enchanting, not to mention DEM ABS in ch. 118!

37 Edgar Redmond

He is sexy and damn his hair is better than mine😍 Why is he not on this list?!

38 Sieglinde Sullivan

JUST LOOK AT HER. She's so adorable... she's also very clever and kind. :3

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