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21 JYJ

Bravest group of idols who fight like heroes. True artists that show that true talent is NEVER enslaved.

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22 BtoB

Btob is just so talented not to mention that they're all very good looking! Their live performances are so deep that you can tell that they put a lot of heart into why they do n they love what they do! BtoB Fighting!

Everyone is so talented that everyone could sing and rap really perfectly. They sound the best all together. FYI: I have an obsession on 7 member kpop group. BTOB is my second though. Infinite is my first well they are equally my bias

Minhyuk is so hot among them

This is the hottest group with their amazing talent. they sing and rap very well, they write, compose, and arrange their songs too. such a talented group, right?

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23 Boyfriend

They are so cute and hot especially the twins

Boyfriend are so cute and have catchy songs! Love you Youngmin!

BOYFRIEND... Is daebak! I mean, when is the next time you're going to see TWINS in a guy group?! Well, the JO TWINS are legendary! They are just... aldfglkhflaasf But, all in all BOYFRIEND is a totally cute band! All of them are seriously good looking and seriously talented! BOYFRIEND hwaiting! ~

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24 GOT7

So talented! They all have distinct personalities, and they can do tricks, they can sing, they can dance, they're all pretty good-looking... just WOW.

GOT7 is amazing so amazing. I love the way the combine their dance with art material tricking, it look so cool

I love GOT7 because they are so handsome specially Mark and aside from that they are also talented.

Hottest boy group

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25 Seventeen

Say the name SEVENTEEN! They are very talented and handsome boys. At their young age, they can write, choreographed and produced their own songs! All of them are so cute and handsome! Go SVT!

13 boys, 3 sub units, 1 team= no life for me! YAY!

They are simply great

13 talented people ;) all can sing even the rappers 🙈 when vocal team members tries to rap they be like... swaggg hahaa its 20SEVENTEEN hottest year STAN 17

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" The member are handsome and they have so many talents "

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27 Shinhwa

They don't age a little bit since their comeback in year 2012

28 Monsta X

I Love This Group But it's not better then my top 3 bands I love their song Hero that shirt lift thou...

They are really talented, and they have catchy song

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29 Big Star
32 C-Clown
33 Madtown

I LOVE ME SOME MADTOWN! Daewon is Bae and without these boys I have no life!

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34 JJCC (Double JC)

They're sooo Awesome! They have such colorful personalities and they crack me up! The one with the Australian accent like wooah! The feels are everywhere for these boys!

35 100%

They are a group of 5 amazing singing and dancing machines. They all have amazing looks as well and I am glad to say I am a fan. There might be 2 less then when they debuted but that doesn't stop them from being sexy.

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