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41 Onoki

He may be not hot but he's really funny and an awesome gramps. Reminds me of my own grandpa

He's so hot

42 Omoi
43 Fugaku Uchiha
44 Rock Lee Rock Lee

He's honestly not hot, I love Lee as a character so I will give him a little love here cause he has a good personality and deserves to at least be recognized for that

His eyebrows aren't weird, they're manly! His hair and personality are so cute and his humour is great! Might Gai is awesome too. They are both completely awesome with their taijutsu and the 8 gates. Not to mention Lees' loopy fist He is just perfect!

Guy is better. This guy looks like he sneezed with his eyes open. His eyes all popped up and weird. I guess it's part of the humor.

Not really the hottest guy, but he does have a nice personality.

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45 Might Gai

He's funny and has the best muscles!

46 Hinata

Dude hinata is a girl

Well, I think we found the winner...

Well he looks like a little boy

Hinata from haikyuu lol

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