Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Oh Dear Goodness! Just thinking about this man gets me all Hot and Bothered! Oh; and those tight fitting gold pants; ooh wooh Hot Damn he just makes you wanna do dirty things... He is not just gorgeous with those dreamy chocolate eyes, those long long long legs, those big hands with delicate long fingers and oh my those sweet soft lips and that stunning knock-you-off-your-feet smile; he has just about the sweetest most radiant and dangerously charming personality. Not just that you gotta love a guy that can move his body and shake them hips and butt as sexily as he can. He is definitely the hottest guy I know and I love him!

The ultimate cool man. Just watch his style and grace in even the way he walked. He had a presence that was unmatched by any mortal. In his mid-20s through late 30s he was extraordinarily hot. Then the lies and the deceit from so many obviously tore into his soul and he retreated into his own private world. The world lost him for those years but I pray his children had some wonderful years with him. May he rest in peace - if anyone ever deserved peace, it is this dear man.

Michael Jackson is the sexiest, cutest, most handsome man in the world. His eyes, smile, moves are the combination of a perfectionist. I loved him since I was a child and I still love him like mad and I always will. He'll always be like a king to me. His music and his dance can never be replaced and he is beyond any comparison. He inspired me to be a better person and MJ is the greatest of all humanitarian. I love you MJ, forever and for eternities. Rest Peacefully In Heaven. You and your music will never be forgotten

Ehgad!... Michael should definitely be number one! He may not have fit into society's double standards of beauty, but the man is one hell of a good looker; It really doesn't matter to me that his appearance changes over time. But what really sticks out is his harmonic, silky voice and the sweetest, and generous personality that really make a woman sweep off her feet. Heck! He's more attractive than those gangsta-style, macho, jerk white boys you see nowadays! In conclusion, Michael Jackson is definitely the most beautiful man in the entire world, not just for looks, but also his childlike innocence, his sweet symphonic voice, and his killer dance moves!

Michael is beautiful. He looks beautiful, his dances and moves are beautiful, his voice is beautiful! There are so many things I could tell ya! He is perfect. Mr. Perfect! Look in his eyes! His eyes are amazing, so deep and so emotional. His eyes are his soul! His soul is pure and full of love! His heart is warm and huge! He is the best who ever walked this planet and now he is walking the moon :) Love you, Michael!

Michael Jackson is the Best, he's the Ultimate. No one or Nothing can be compared to him.. He's "The King of Pop", "God of Dance", "King of Music Videos" MJ's FOREVER.. L-O-V-E.. If you can only look past those seducing eyes, hot pucker, sexy lithe frame, curly sexy hair, the smooth and suave behaviour, that beautiful smile, the dance, the songs, the voice, the pelvic thrusts adds all the more to it.

Michael Jackson is without a doubt the hottest man ever! (and not only in the BAD era as some think, just saying. I think he was incredibly beautiful from the day he was born until the day he died). Have you seen him? Sooo gorgeous, inside and out. Everything about him makes me just melt- his voice is so soft, so kind and gentle, dripping with sweetness, it's like honey. His face, those big beautiful brown eyes that pierce your soul, that adorable lil nose that I just wanna poke, soft-looking lips that look delectable enough to kiss over and over, lithe body that I just wanna wrap my arms around and never let go, long long legs, sexy hips that he can shake so damn well and don't even get me started on that butt of his...that ass is tight, perfect, toned and just the right size and I have never wanted to grab someone's butt more than his to be honest. Ohhh if I could get my hands on that man I'd do so many things to him you don't even know... - anonymous1958

There's no denying that he knew how to turn girls on, with all those moves. He is so sexy especially in the bad era, with all that leather and all those buckles. He was the whole package he could sing, dance, he was caring, kind, sweet, generous, loved animals, he was sexy. Thinking about him makes my heart sing and melt like a popsicle in the sun. - MJfan119

Michael Jackson was the most gorgeous guy who ever lived, beautiful inside and out I wish people would of understood him more and stopped with the negativity Michael did so much for everyone had a heart of gold. I will always Love Him now and for all eternity...

Hehe eyes, smile, cheekbones...
He maybe not the most "muscly" man on earth but his body...
Long legs, cute butt...
The come together video... He was all over the pole one time at dirty diana...

Am not specifically a fan of any such artist but I respectfully follow some greatest glories who are easily understandable though some act as if they don't know anything or if they are jealous then they twist out the truth. When he is the Eternal inspiration and energy & The heavenly glory whose aim was to heal the world though he was some misunderstood then he is the perfectionism and the truthful. He was in the extremity in what his career was, so he is everything limitless in his career profession, inspiration, energy for himself and providing naturally to us. By the way his life was music, inspiring and uniqueness so he and his creations are everything perpetual. When, always he and his creations are observed and listened to then we feel like he and those creations still are new, freshly formed, inspirational and boost up our natural energy to come out in any circumstance, this is what makes him unique and influencing than anyone.

Michael is with out a doubt the only man in the world I would love to wake up next to, arrrrrrrr am sure you all agree girls, Them eyes, smile and that heart Just melts me, blows me away into the world I want to be in Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - princessbev28

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND HEAVENLY hansome man! He is a gentleman who has such a BEAUTIFUL smile like rays of sunshine that brightens up your world lighting up your day and has very soulful eyes. He is distinctive and unique looking. It's not only his looks that make him appealing it's the way he carries himself. He is charismatic, kind, polite, sweet, sensitive, calm and very softspoken but you can see a hint of playfulness in his eyes. Majority of his attractiveness comes when he is performing. His dancing WOW! don't even make me start, the way he moves with such a passion and sensuality and the way his choreographies are coordinated is unlike something the existence of this world will ever see. Along with his singing voice that shoots right through the core of your heart that make you overwhelm with so many types of emotions that you shake. I haven't any singer or artist that can convey their emotions and send it directly to the audience like he can. It's like he is singing the song ...more

If you don't think Mj is Hot... visit utube and search "give in to me"... - JenlovesMJ

Voted as sex symbol by wikipedia, amazing dancer with perfectly lean muscled body and awesome voice. A true gentleman and more talented than all the other bulls in this list.

Michael was so the hottest male... He knew how to move his body on the stage and danced to hot to watch the girls fainted at the sight of him dancing... Watch the Come together video and you will see just how hot Michael was... Super hot... xo love MJ - love4mjj

He will always be the sexiest man ever, I mean come on, don't let people think the other way, be objective. Just look at the Bad Era pictures : that man is perfect pure sexiness and cuteness at the same time *-* Gotta love him

MJ is the sexiest man ever to walk on this earth! Completely sets my heart to racing! - mj4evr

Michael was the hottest man. He moved and spoke and sang so sexy. His dancing was the hottest I have ever seen. Love him so much... xo - love4mjj

If you see his videos you will agree with us. There is no man more hottest than Michael! I love you Michael! - milady

There are no words that can truly explain the sexiness of Michael Jackson. I will say that his inner beauty which consisted of love, humility and genuine care for children and all mankind enhanced his God given gifts and talents and took my breath away. His beautiful smile lit up the world and those big brown expressive eyes drew you into the most kind and gentle souls that has ever graced this earth. To me, that is sexiness to the highest degree!

Michael is hot, sexy, seducing, talented, gorgeous, handsome and more important, he had the biggest heart in the world. A pure soul, that's how he was. I miss him

Michael is the hottest! his style and everything is the best! he is so pure and cute! and his beautiful heart makes him the most cutest person ever! he is an angel!
he is my dream boy! I wish I could meet you!
I love you and miss you forever!

Michael had the sexiest dance moves and the sexiest voice... Watch the Come Together video and you will see what I mean... Michael to win... xo MJ - love4mjj