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361 Dan Howell

Oml Dan is bae and bae is dan

362 Willie Ames

When he was a teenager on Eight is Enough

363 Guy Madison

Very handsome great choice

364 Benicio Del Toro

Come on you forgot Benicio del toro
he's so hot!
he's puerto rican, love his eyes, voice, butt,etc.

365 Elijah Wood Elijah Wood V 2 Comments
366 Johnny Knoxville

You are good looking but it may be people think of you as what you were on bad grandpa ���'

367 Ami James

OHHHH AMY is sooooooooo hot he should be voted number 1 for worlds #1sexiest men in australia....OOO HE IS SO CUTE AND HOTT I WISH IW AS GOIN OUT WITH HIM...

V 1 Comment
368 Brendan Fraser Brendan Fraser more.

He was so hot in all of his movies! Really I thought he was incredibly hot! Like he still stays young! Especially in the mummy wow!

369 Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis has a big butt and giant muscles, not the same way as Zac Efron does, but still sexy!

370 Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix

oh my god I loved him in walk the line! he is so good looking! - cma0714

371 Matthew Fox
372 Robert Redford Robert Redford Charles Robert Redford Jr., known professionally as Robert Redford, is an American actor, director, producer, businessman, environmentalist, and philanthropist.

He is so sexy and there is no doubt about it I am 13 years old and he was sexy younger and he still is sexy I can not believe he is not in the #1 spot.

373 Cyril Raffaelli

Check out this Frenchy's moves!!!

374 Roger Federer Roger Federer Roger Federer (born 8 August 1981) is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 3 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, the most in history for a male tennis player. He has held the world No. 1 spot more.
375 David Schwimmer David Schwimmer

Ross on Friends. He's too adorable!

376 Jerry Cantrell Jerry Cantrell Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. is an American musician who is best known as the lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist and main songwriter for the rock band Alice in Chains.

Number 216? Fred durst? The supposedly hot guys above Jerry are a joke. Really? ARe you people BLIND?

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377 LL Cool J LL Cool J

I am totally stumped that LL Cool J has not made it onto the list since he is the hottest man ever! Am I the only one who has seen the man shirtless? That body makes me quiver! I mean wow, how do you go back to the everyday man after looking upon such an exquisite sight? I know I'll never be the same... (sigh). I suppose the fact that nobody else has brought him into this category increases my chances, right? I can only dream...

378 Larry The Cable Guy Larry The Cable Guy Daniel Lawrence Whitney, known professionally by his stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, former radio personality and comedian.


379 Alex Evans

He is so Gorgeous and So fit!

380 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez


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