Top 10 Most Hottest Movie of August 2013

Vote some movie that is most hottest movie you want to watch.

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1 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters deserves to be on top of the box office or at least very well appreciated at this point because there is a lot of good feed back, good action, and good actors. I love Logan Lerman and support almost everything he does. He is a great actor and even a Hunger Games veteran, Leven Rambin aka Glimmer plays Clarice, so that made this movie even better! I hope there is another Percy movie to continue on the Percy book trilogy.

This one is going to be number 1 of most hottest movie of 2013. Percy is so hot and fresh-faced actor. I love him. I hoped Percy will kiss Annabeth in this movie and kill all evil giants. And saving the world. - Gray18

2 2 Guns
3 Disney's Plane
4 Elysium
5 Kick-Ass 2
6 Getaway
7 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Four words. ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD. SIMON LEWIS. I literally adored the movie just as I loved and love the books.

8 Paranoia
9 The World's End

The return of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is pretty much the only reason you need to vote for The World's End over crap like Getaway.

The third in the Cornetto trilogy. Interestingly enough Martin "Bilbo" Freeman has been in all 3 Cornetto movies.

10 Grandmasters
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