Top Ten Hottest Naruto Characters

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41 Indra Otsutsuki
42 Boruto Uzumaki

Cool and amazing just like Naruto and minato.

43 Udon

He's so hot

Hot amirite guys

44 Kimimaro Kimimaro

I'm surprised his so low, I thought females loved the strong and silent type - creepy

45 Gamakichi

Hell yeah toads are hot! Ever read "The Frog Prince? "

Toad power

46 Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu
47 Mabui Mabui

She is a smart beauty queen, and I just love her skin tone. - creepy

What about her she is very sexy and she is very smart

48 Hanabi Hyuga
49 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi
50 Gouzu

The older twin and one of the Demon Brothers. You might not see his whole face, but he's still gorgeous in my opinion. I so would have liked to see more of these guys. I love his dark brown hair and ragged black cloak. Suits him well.

51 Meizu

The younger twin and one of the Demon Brothers. Like his brother, the lower half of his face is covered with a rebreather, but I still think he's gorgeous. I would have loved to seen more of him. I dig his outfit as well as wild dark brown hair. I love you, Demon Bros!

52 Ashura Otsutsuki
53 Inojin Yamanaka

He is cool and great.

54 Shikadai Nara

A shikamaru with Temari's eyes. Super cute1

55 Hamura Otsutsuki

He's a hottie and you know it!

56 Killer B

His raps are awesome guys. He is the best killer rapist. VOTE!

57 Itama Senju
58 Himawari Uzumaki

She is cute but so useless and should be a bou and boruto should look like hinata and I bet he will be usefull and 10 times cuter and pretteir that hinata and hinata's mom also 30 times cooler and hotter then Tsundade.

59 Sai


Sai is so cute when he tries to be friendly and gives everyone nicknames

How can he is not at number 14 or 15 he is to hot

Why is said 61?! He is funny and so cute!

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60 Might Guy Might Guy

Really he destroyed madara

How can Guy and Lee not be next to each other on this list. They look the same!

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