Top Ten Hottest Naruto Characters

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41 Hotaru

She is super hot and she knows how to do good when she wants to be

42 Boruto Uzumaki

Cool and amazing just like Naruto and minato.

43 Udon

He's so hot

Hot amirite guys

44 Kimimaro Kimimaro

I'm surprised his so low, I thought females loved the strong and silent type - creepy

45 Gamakichi

Hell yeah toads are hot! Ever read "The Frog Prince? "

Toad power

46 Nagato Uzumaki Nagato Uzumaki

Whoa talk about super badass guy! He almost took down bee Naruto and itachi

47 Yamato Yamato

His Warp is awesome

He's cute and so laidback.

Why is he even on the list? He's so ugly, I want to throw up

I love when he calls Kakashi "senpai" with a school girls voice!

48 Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu
49 Zaku Abumi

Zaku for me have perfect clothes design, one of the best maybe even best hairstyles in Naruto and he is damn handsome and interesting character, sadly he died and had great potential for me even some originality about jutsus too.

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50 Sai


Sai is so cute when he tries to be friendly and gives everyone nicknames

How can he is not at number 14 or 15 he is to hot

Why is said 61?! He is funny and so cute!

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51 Rock Lee Rock Lee

One of the best characters, so powerful and cute

He's adorable how could anyone not like him!

Why would anyone not like Rock Lee? His personality is just adorable!

Lee deserves some love cause he is so likeable, even more so when he isn't with Guy

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52 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

This girl is plain awesomeness. Needs more credit

Sakura is so low because nobody likes her. I don't even like her but I have to admit she is pretty. It's her short hair that bothers me I like it when it was longer.

That's y sasuke married her because she's freaked pretty, intelligent, and nice.

If a character like Sakura Haruno is sexy and hot "( ˘ 、 ˘ )", both those terms need a new definition, its like calling a bitch cute and bitches are not at all cute. You see I have respect for kind and respectable young women, I call them cute, sexy and hot, I don't call retarded, cheap fangirls hot, I call them dumb or dense. Well I guess we all have a different opinions. - creepy

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53 Mabui Mabui

She is a smart beauty queen, and I just love her skin tone. - creepy

What about her she is very sexy and she is very smart

54 Shino Aburame Shino Aburame

I bet you under all that shirt collar and those sunglasses, he's the sexiest boy alive.

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55 Kabuto

How can Kabuto be at 63? He is annoying, but this is a hot list, so look past that annoying crap of his and look at his looks, white hair, nerd glasses, a purple outfit, intelligence...and much more. - creepy

Come on why don't you vote kabuto he is awesome

Kabuto Yakushi... I like his mysterious personality, and also he is pretty cute.

Love my daddy lmfao I don't know why he's not higher

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56 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura


57 Hanabi Hyuga
58 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi
59 Gouzu

The older twin and one of the Demon Brothers. You might not see his whole face, but he's still gorgeous in my opinion. I so would have liked to see more of these guys. I love his dark brown hair and ragged black cloak. Suits him well.

60 Meizu

The younger twin and one of the Demon Brothers. Like his brother, the lower half of his face is covered with a rebreather, but I still think he's gorgeous. I would have loved to seen more of him. I dig his outfit as well as wild dark brown hair. I love you, Demon Bros!

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