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1 Ezra Fitz

YES Ezra Fitz is by far the hottest guy on the show. He's smart, quirky, and handsome, and just perfect.

Even his name thinks he's fit.

He is the cutest he has the most romantic methods but Caleb is a close 2nd

Ezra will always be my favorite guy on PLL, he's smart, kind, sexy, handsome and always wants the best for Aria.

2 Toby Cavanaugh

Let us all take a moment to reflect on Toby Cavanaugh, in his towel after his shower. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that.

Toby sure knows how to take his shirt off

He's kind of creepy and he has a butt chin.

There is something seriously wrong with his chin. Other than that, he is "ok" looking

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3 Caleb Rivers

I have no words.


Sooo cute

4 Wren Kingston

Oh, Wren. I love Wren so much. He's got the killer smile, innocent eyes, cute accent, manners, and politeness. Also, he's a doctor, which means he's really smart and helps people every day. What more could you want? He's irresistible.

5 Jason DiLaurentis

Jason should be higher on the list. He has an AMAZING body, a chiseled jawline and the most beautiful blue eyes. He's WAY hotter than Caleb.

Without a doubt the hottest guy on PLL

6 Mike Montgomery
7 Noel Kahn

Noel Kahn is such a jerk, but I have to admit, I don't blame Jenna for putting up with him. The whole dark hair and blue eyes thing really works for him.

He may not be the absolut hottest but to me he is way better looking than Ezra, Toby and Caleb...

8 Wes Fitz (Ezra's brother)

His face is really attractive

9 Jake

He's so sexy. Way hotter then Ezra! !

Actually, Ezra is hotter...

Jake is definitely better than Ezra, heโ€™s like a god.๐Ÿ˜

10 Sean Ackard

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11 Eric Kahn

Noel is hotter than Eric...

12 Alex Santiago
13 Travis
14 Gabriel Holbrook
15 Lucas
16 Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell
17 Ian Thomas
18 Darren Wilden
19 Peter Hastings
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1. Caleb Rivers
2. Wren Kingston
3. Wes Fitz (Ezra's brother)
1. Mike Montgomery
2. Wren Kingston
3. Caleb Rivers
1. Ezra Fitz
2. Wren Kingston
3. Toby Cavanaugh



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