Hottest Races of People

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1 White

Even if I was another race I would still date White Girls because I. Even if it was harder to love one.

Yes it is true because no matter how close I break the barrier

No thank you.


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2 Black

. I'd say black because black people have feautures most people covet especially white people because they have such smooth skin and age very well,

A white woman at 30 will will look her age or older but a black woman at 40 can still look 27. Black women and men have the hottest bodies when they are in shape. The women are very curvy and if they stay in shape they look fantastic while black men have great muscle mass if they work out. As well as full lips which white people do not have as much.

As a race black people are very diverse. They can have straight to very kinky afro hair. Light to dark skin. Brown to blue eyes naturally. Some even are born with blonde hair. That is why I think Black people are amazing. They also have great personalities - JESUSISKING

3 Asian

Many seem white washed. I've lived in Singapore and have traveled through cities in Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

It is very true they are hot, de girls.

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4 Hispanic

Very hot... However some look white.

5 Indian

Indian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They have such full hair that grows long and thick and big lovely eyes. I do not care much for their complexion. I have seen beautiful dark and light skin indians - JESUSISKING

6 Islanders

Islanders are usually mixed so they often have very exotic looks which can be sexy - JESUSISKING

7 Jewish
8 Arabic

Arabic women have such wonderful eyes. They also have a glowy complexion naturally which I adore - JESUSISKING

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