Hottest Races of People

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1 White

Even if I was another race I would still date White Girls because I. Even if it was harder to love one.

Yes it is true because no matter how close I break the barrier

No thank you.


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2 Black
3 Asian

Many seem white washed. I've lived in Singapore and have traveled through cities in Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

It is very true they are hot, de girls.

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4 Hispanic

Very hot... However some look white.

5 Indian

Indian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They take your breathe away - JESUSISKING

6 Islanders

Islanders are usually mixed so they often have very exotic looks which can be sexy - JESUSISKING

7 Jewish
8 Arabic

Arabic women have such wonderful eyes. They also have a glowy complexion naturally - JESUSISKING

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