Hottest Star Trek Women Ever

50 years ago, CBS decided to take a chance on a little science fiction show that would transform pop culture as we know it. It’s easy to forget that Star Trek was considered a failure, canceled at the end of its second season with a massive fan campaign bringing it back for a third but then axed again. But in the aftermath, it attained a following of devoted fans hailing its brilliant storytelling and groundbreaking FX. It soon led to a total of four spin-off series and thirteen movies not to mention countless books and comics. It changed the game majorly, bringing fantastic science fiction drama and action along with terrific character growth and helping create the modern geek culture as we know it.

There are a lot of things about Star Trek to admire like the FX, the characters and storylines and such. However, one of the more underestimated bits have been the ladies. It was rather groundbreaking for the original series to have a black woman among the cast and since then, the various shows have ensured we have a variety of very attractive women around. Having them in tight uniforms helps but we also get women of strength, power, intelligence and their own drive to impress you. It’s amazing how many sexy ladies have been on this show, from regular cast members to notable guest stars, almost too many to count.

But here are 10 of the best and hottest ladies of this classic franchise and a reason it remains so fantastic and watchable 50 years later.

The Top Ten

1 Seven of Nine Seven of Nine

I want to go with here

2 T'Pol T'Pol
3 Hoshi Sato Hoshi Sato
4 Carol Marcus (Star Trek Into Darkness) Carol Marcus (Star Trek Into Darkness)
5 Jadzia Dax Jadzia Dax
6 B'Elanna Torres B'Elanna Torres
7 Nyota Uhura Nyota Uhura
8 Leeta Leeta
9 Deanna Troi Deanna Troi
10 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
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