Top 10 Hottest Tekken Characters

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21 Miguel Caballero Rojo

Who else doesn't love sixpack abs and a beard? He is awesome! Oh yeah... And the one hit kill too


Spanish, nice tan, sixpack abs, amazing curly hair and he's really strong.
Do I need to say more?!?
Imagine having a boyfriend like him!
NOBODY would do anything to you Miguel is HUGE!

22 Miharu Hirano

She's beautiful and so chill I want to take that babe to the beach and party

She's wearing a bikini for crying out loud. That is so hot and sexy.

She is sexy and beautiful, and definitely the hottest.

She's beautiful
Can be shin kamiya's boyfriend

23 Eddy Gordo
24 Forest Law
25 Claudio Serafino
26 Heihachi Mishima

What the heck he's a old man

27 Hwoarang Hwoarang

He is a tae kwon do fighter. He has an EXTREMELY sexy behaviour. He has a motorcycle. He is a read haired and of course as everyone says red haired males are the SEXIEST!

He's so hot, I have a huge crush on him because of how lush and adorable he is, he's so hot

Hwoarang is hottest tekken character

Hottest Tekken boy in my opinion

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28 Angel
29 Roger Jr.'s Mother
30 Lars Alexandersson

Very hot handsomeness and so beautiful person

Very hot and handsome

Lars is so hot ❤❤ and the BEST!

31 Shin Kamiya

He is most hottest and handsome boy special for Tekken Blood Vengeance movie. His eyes, Cool hairstyle, Face so Beautiful and body, he is immortality just EPIC.

32 Ogre

So hot
I love his green ripped skin

33 Lei Wulong

His hair laugh out loud

34 Lee Chaolan

Lee is hot and smart. he is the best

Hé is hot and anna

35 King
36 Ganryu
37 Violet
38 Lucky Chloe
39 Eliza
40 Bruce Irvin
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