Hottest Things About Queen's Brian May

What of these things most attracts you to Brian May?

The Top Ten

1 His Hair

So, I see somebody on this website is a huge Queen fan? (Nah, it's fine, Brian May is an excellent guitarist... ) - Johannes9

2 His Smile

Predictable maybe, but it's not that common an occurrence, when he does smile it makes my stomach do some kind of gymnastics... I wonder how many votes his personality got... XD

His smile can light up a whole room. It's so pleasant and endearing! Personally, I'm torn between his voice and his smile... But smile beats it!

3 His Voice

its so smooth and its not gravely and weird like some peoples its just perfect - rockit(primejive)

4 His Left Incisor

Oh god, his left incisor makes me shiver. Thank you to whoever made this poll. You are WEOM!

5 His Long Fingers
6 His Eyes

His eyes are just so mesmerising and expressive. He has very gentle, soulful eyes. He has big, beautiful eyes and Hazel is my favorite eye colour! And as they say, eyes are a window to the soul!

7 His Personality
8 His Bum

just got to love it. he has a very sexy bum.

9 His Tongue
10 His Songs

The Contenders

11 His Pretty Lips
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