Top Ten Hottest Walking Dead (Video Game) Characters

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1 Carley

Carley is a good girl. She always shows up with her gun if there was any trouble. I think she should have a romance with lee

Lee got 2 base with a hot news reporter who knows his past and trusts him=perfect match

I give props to lee u made 12 base with a hot news reporter

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2 Clementine

Clementine is a good kid, And also a smart one. She survived the longest of all.

Definitely Clementine. Maybe not season 1 Clem, though she was cute then.

My girlfriend in an apocalypse she alright for a 11 year old

3 Luke

Luke was so hot I can't Bellevue him and Jane had sex though I thought that was out of place

4 Shawn Greene
5 Lily V 1 Comment
6 Lee Everett Lee Everett

I really love lee. He always tried to protect clem. He cares about erverybody.
He was a good guy.

7 Michonne Michonne Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Danai Gurira in the television series of the same name.

Bad ass

8 Nick
9 Molly
10 Jane

With girlfriend like that I will survive :-)

The Contenders

11 Bonnie
12 Shel
13 Brie
14 Eleanor
15 Javier Garcia
16 Gabe Garcia
17 Paul Jesus Monroe
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