Angelina Jolie

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Shes hot because she is beautiful, mysterious and also her humanitarian efforts. None of these girls on this list care about the world like angelina, they are just pretty and that's all they are at this point in their lives. Angelina should be respected for her humanitarian work, and her projects like A mighty heart and her directorial debut. Shes smart and gives back. How could that not be the sexiest thing? - missw

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is a good person. That helps with beauty. She is also a good mother and she and Brad share their wealth and personally help in many areas of the world.

Angelina jolie is 1 of the hottest girl in the world she has beautiful lips shes beautiful from the outside and inside I would definitely vote her for the top 5 hottest girls in the world

What more can we say about Angie! She's better than everyone here except for maybe Jessica Alba whose also gorgeous. Adriana Lima should be up in this poll as well. Vote for Angelina Jolie because she's hotter than fake people like Megan Fox who needs plastic surgery to cover up her true self. That's a fact... Anyone else who denies that is a loser.

Best choice on terrible list, she possesses beauty and brains. But come on, some on this list are laughable... Gillian Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Amy Lee? These women aren't in the top 500 let alone top 10, the ones added later are much better choices. Oh, and Sarah Brightman, Helen Mirren etc. They might be on there if this was women over 50 but COME ON! - thr33stacks

Love her acting and can't stand when she opens her mouth on politics. The only thing that detracts from her hotness factor. Also, she is one of the few women on this list that has remained strong and incredible over time. Most of the women being considered for the hottest woman don't belong on the list.

In my opinion Angelina jolie is very attractive and beautiful there fore; no one is compare with her so the number one position should be given to her

How could Amy Lee and Sarah Brightman top the list of the hottest women in the WORLD?! Room may be... Next to a woman like Angelina, there's only a few that could even stand without getting lost. She has this power that comes from the inside out. The posture and the face say it all

Angelina Jolie is not only attractive for her age. But she is a real inspiration to me. She adopted 6 children, all different races and she never backs down from the bullies. She should be 1st position because she is so beautiful and a motivation.

Angelina Has to be #1! I would like to see the five people above her with NO makeup! Angelina with no make up is a real beauty unlike the other girls. She is fifty but you can't even tell she is fifty because of her AMAZING beauty - TheNextBigThing

The lady who have a perfect shape face according to Golden mean theory, It means that she has a right proportion, symmetry, and harmony on her face. That's why even she's look skinny she looks beautiful.

She is hot and the most attractive actress I have ever seen. Sexy women and I loved her movie when she acts as a police agent in France. Also, I admired her for being helpful for African people and I wish I could help her do that.

I think she's the most beautiful... A woman with pride and classy..
To think she now owns the heart of a every woman's dream..our Brad PITT! Isn't that amazing.?.. I really love her.. All her movies..Thumbs UP! Jolie

She is the one she should be the number 1 no one can replace her... She is a great actress, a kind hearted person, loving mother, loving wife... And a goodwill ambassador of course she has her own unique beauty and very hot and sexy...

To be honest I never found angelina jolie attractive before, I always use to go after more bustier women but then when I saw how beautiful she looked in the tourist just wow the part where she walks into the ball

An unique... A phenomenon actress... "eyes can speak"-this quote goes what her... The most brilliant actress I have ever seen... So attractive... She has stolen millions of people's hearts...

She epitome's a reminiscent beauty of yesterdays Hollywood. Let's face it nobody knows anyone else on here except the American's and English, so let's slim it down.

Angelina is so beautiful! A woman of beauty, in and out! A good mother, a kind person! One of the greatest actresses of all time! She is indeed a woman of substance!

She is a beautiful human being, really talented and dedicated actress, wonderful mother, great humanist and brave fighter for human rights and animals. By far she is the most beautiful person.

Jessica alba is hot and beautiful but she's never gonna be as unique as angelina, who has 30 years old and she's still the hottest woman in the world. She's so different with her big lips.. She is the only one

I don't understand why this woman is considered beautiful! Scarlett Johansson is a million times more beautiful than this terrible wife! Scarlett turned me on and gave mea million boners! this ugly chick will never be hotter than Scarlett!

She's a hardworking mom, a good wife, actress and an ambassador that showing her interest to help other countries that suffering from an epidemic illness.

The only living beauty I admire. No one is so hot as she is. Her appeal can break any one into the pieces.

I go mad about her lips and way she looks.

I like so much Angelina ever... The way she act and her face is so beautiful looks like perfect. Hope she can be the number 1 again! More power.

She's very charming and helpful. I think she deserves to in the list every year! I adore her being such a loving mother to the kids she had adopted.