Hayley Williams

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Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.


Hayley Williams is definitely the hottest woman on earth, hands down. She has an amazing voice and she has a really great personality. She's probably one of the most down to earth girls out there. And her crazy hair matches her personality and makes her that much more hot. Hayley Williams is gorgeous.

There's is no man who can't say that she's hot. Not only she's hot but she's one of the most beautiful and cutest girl I've ever seen and she's a rad singer too. Oh! She is one of the funniest girl too. But that's not all, the one what makes her better is her personality and behavior. She makes every single person smile and inspired.

Hayley Williams is the hottest women in the World! She is the best singer, her talent is amazing! She is hot. My cherished dream is to meet her in reality, to be in concerts! Her energetics is transmitted through the monitor. I love her very much!

Hayley Williams is absolutely GORGEOUS! Also she's really smart and quirky. She's also a really nice person. All that makes her even more perfect. And just listen to that amazing voice she has! HAYLEY WILLIAMS IS HOT!

Hayley Williams is just perfect. The definition of perfection, even. Her vocals are unbelievable, her personality is to die for, and she's just so beautiful. - twentyfirstpilot

Come on hayley is really pretty and I swear she has the best hairstyles ever, she is very beautiful with a strong lovely voice. way better then emo amy lee

I think she is a good singer and very pretty I love her eyes and her hair I wish I could meat her in person and ask her how she gets it so red

She is actually really hot and why are their so many old people in the top ten of this list am I commenting with a bunch of 40 year old - ballaboi17

Is just so sexy, and she is a pure rocker, I will married her if I have the opportunity.

Is just a natural redhead, very talented woman.

She's not necessarily the hottest, but she's my celebrity crush because I like her personality and her music, AND she's kind of hot

Simply the most beautiful woman in the world. There's no one like her, and there will never be

Because she is humble, cute, talented and obviously SUPER HOT!
And none of it is fake. - indy64

Hayley Williams is pretty girl with orange hair and I like it

Cutest smallest most beautiful powerful kindest sexiest hottest singer ever

She is like ultimatly fit you get better than her... - limobeans

Insanely awesome singer and incredibly easy on the Eye! Love ya Hayley! X

Hayley is very beautiful and pretty

The only celebrity that I've ever had a crush on lol - Jonerman

Hayley Williams- the very Hot hayley williams.

Very beautiful woman, Paramore is the best

She has the best voice ever and she is the most beatuiful girl in a band, amy lee is hot to but hayley looks better

HOW is she not in the top 10? She's gorgeous!

Everyone like a hot red hair? So everyone love Hayley Williams!
She's always beautiful girl in world.

She is a goddess. She should be way above ariana grande, and avril lavinge