Kate Upton

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Kate Upton is an American model. She is best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and for her status as a sex symbol. She is married to Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.


Oh my god how on earth is kate so far down on this list she is the finest woman I've ever seen seriously you guys need some help if the words hotter than kate upton ever come out your mouth. She is an angel straight from heaven if you can't see that jump in your car right now and head to the emergency room because you probably got a tumor growing on your brain.

Notice that almost everybody else on this list has had so much plastic surgery that it kind of uglies them up instead of making them look better? Or they have to have a ton of make up on for them to...I don't know actually. Attract men? Make them think they're pretty? I'm not saying that Kate didn't have plastic surgery. She just had a little. You'd be able to recognize her if you saw her in her college yearbook. (Do you even get a yearbook in college? ) Anyway, she's attractive in a more natural way than others. I'm not gonna point fingers, but I think we know who I'm referring to.

There's this Bon Jovi song from their 3rd or 4th album (Keep the Faith) and the song is called "Woman In Love" and one line of lyrics is "See I've slept with Romance; I've danced with Lust. Ain't no woman like a woman in love". This woman is the only one (out of these) that could make me "dance with lust". Another song from Slippery When Wet, called "I'd Die For You" is kind of self explanatory. I'd die for a couple of these women/girls, but if I had to pick from all what is it? 90 or 100 women/girls to save from a suicide bomber, anyone else would stand little if not no chance against this goddess/angel on earth. And I don't like her for her body parts, unlike most of the guys posting here.


She has a beautiful body. A lot of women nowadays are too fake looking and not natural, they are either too skinny, or too obese. But Kate Upton's body is perfect in terms of her butt, measurements, weight, and height. She is a natural woman. Not a lot of famous women now are natural, but Kate Upton is. I honestly want to eat her out. Her butt is so attractive.

I think that being hot does not mean you have to be slim. All of the others are as slim as a stick, but Kate knows that she doesn't have to be thin to look beautiful. She's not fat, she is not thin, she is perfect the way she is.
I do have to criticise this list though, isn't this just going to put so many people down? No one has the perfect body, perfect face, perfect everything. We are perfect the way we are and this will not change it.

I know I sound like a pervert, bit her best feature is her boobs. I just can't get enough of them for some reason. She just shows so mich skin for some reason it only looks good with a bikini though because they sag if they're not supported. BOOBS.

Look at her eyes. They are more beautiful than anyone in the world, except for Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. But then add in her hotness, body, and breast, first by a million times

She's hot. She's young. She's more down to earth than others. She's more natural than the rest. (I'm something like 60% sure that she got plastic surgery, but you could look at the before and after pictures and say "Oh, yeah. That's the same person as that." [Referring to the after picture]. And she's not a plastic surgery disaster like others. I'm not gonna point out any of the people on this first page, but I will point out that Kim Kardashian got so much plastic surgery that instead of looking prettier, which is the soul purpose of plastic surgery for females, she looks uglier. And I'm pretty sure that one person one Kardashian's slot, I suppose you'd say, agreed completely. (Main reason that I singled her out. And plastic surgery can have more specific backfires, such as puffed up lips (in case you think I'm anonymously referring to Angelina Jolie, no. I mean about five times as big at least. (Okay, I'll admit, I don't know if that's an understatement or WHAT) but search on Google ...more

Her boobs are my life
I wanna touch and lick her butt and have sex with her
I wish there was a king sized bed and she started stripping in front of me and we snuggled and started kissing and having sex being passionate and I could see her boobs and I could feel her boobs and we had SEX!

As much as I love Upton, there is no reason to degrade or call some of these women bi and ugly, that's just downright offensive!

You are the world's most sexiest celebrity and I want to have sex with you so much. I want to bang you so hard right now!

Some of these people are bi (Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kardashian) and some are just ugly (Beyonce, Rihanna, Kardashian, etc) This chick ain't either. Adds to the beauty, if you ask me.

She really should be number one because every single picture of her (that I saw) was incredibly hot and that butt does not disappoint she takes side boob glance to the next level

KATE UPTON IS HOT! She should be number 1 way hotter than Katy Perry, Selina Gomez and definitely hotter than Beyonce! Kate is SEXY! She should be number 1!

She's is a true beauty. Quite a fine female. And to a degree, she seems more down to earth than the rest of these candidates. (not to mention that some of them are bisexual- Katy Perry, Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, not to mention Scarlett Johannson kissed Sandra Bullock, and Megan Fox made out with Amanda something our other) I think you're only eligible to be called a "Beauty Queen" if you're this woman

She's one of the few heavy girls that actually looks really good with the extra meat! She's fat but very sexy

She's number 1 my favorite model ever she is so gorgeous with blonde hair and blue eyes she's such a Greek goddess a want to marry her so bad and her birthday is on June 10th she will be 26 in June 10 2018 way better than Selena Gomez.

Look at her eyes. They are more beautiful than anyone in the world she's a goddess I'm very happy her birthday is on June 10th she was born in 1992, She has a beautiful body. She's number 1 my favorite model in the world! is IS THE HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD She'll always be the best model in the world way beautiful thank Mexican models way more beautiful than other people.

It really saddens me to see Selena Gomez, Shakira, Mila Kunis, and Angelina Jolie all above Kate Upton.

She is flawless from head to heels there's not one thing that I could improve. If you don't think she's sexy, have you actually SEEN her body?

She's the hottest person in this list and she's all natural. AND I'LL DEFINITELY HIT that!

If Kate became a stripper and I was at one of her shows front row, I would be the luckiest man in the world and I would watch for hours!

Ah, nothing like seeing that pic of one fine female. Nobody tops this chick! Not the only reasonable competition are Miss Kunis and Miss Johansson. Not necessarily in that order.

I'd like to give a shout out to my man Justin Verlander, for going home every night and plowing her like an amish man plows a field - juliusceaser