Marian Rivera

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Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.


I grow up with my Foster parents. Because my biological parents don't have enough money to feed us 6 children. My foster parents love me so much, and they give everything to me because I'm the only child they have... Until the time come that I don't want to see my real parents anymore because still they are poor(I'm sorry), until now. TELL THE TIME COME THAT I'm HOOKED WITH MARIAN RIVERA, MARIAN COME FROM NOT SO FAMOUS OR VERY RICH FAMILY. BUT because OF HER DEDICATION TO WORK, SHES VERY HARDWORKING, DOWN TO EARTH, FUNNY, LOVING, CARING, VERY LOYAL TO THE PEOPLE SHE LOVED and LOVE HER. Because OF THE TREATS THAT MARIAN RIVERA HAVE, I've LEARN TO CONTACT, COMMUNICATE WITH MY REAL FAMILY AND LOVE THEM 4 WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY HAVE, because I HAVE MY ENOUGH SALARY, MONEY NOW, I SHARE IT TO THEM.. NOW I REALIZE THAT WHO EVER YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, WHAT YOU HAVE, AND WHAT YOU BECOME. ITS ALL because OF MY FAMILY, MY REAL PARENT.. NOW I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM 4 THE ...more

Excellent combination of Europe and Asian race. A true meaning of beautiful and sexy, without having the need to flaunt everything. Being true and honest to herself, she stands out among the rest.

She's one of the prettiest and beautiful faces in Philippines showbiz and I admire positive look and attitude. She's a good actress in any role she past in a flying colors all the time and a good product endorsers and a very loving person and most of all she's a truly and natural person inside and outside she's beautiful and what you see is what you get. I love you Marian Rivera forever.

Even without make-up, she's really stunning. A person who possess all the quality of a filipina lady. With extra ordinary beauty and intelligence, a graduate of psychology course. A very convincing and captivating appeal. You can't really resist her charm and good attitude. She has a deep and profound ways of acting. You'll get carried away. No pretentions in life...

A petite lass in cavity, had been grown up since years go by. Ineluctable charm captures every heart of every boy in next door and her nagger attitude repels detractors, yet, only time could tell, that she'll be hottest girl as ever before.

Marian Rivera is my idol since her marimar days because she got the oozing appeal, for me she really got the star quality and she proves herself as versatile actress from drama, horror, comedy, action romance, shes a package deal.

Marian Rivera is pretty, sexy, hot, and talented. She's GORGEOUS. She is s good singer and dancer. They say no bodies perfect but for me marian is perfect. Shes way better than the other girls I saw. She deserves my vote.

Marian is the best so hot and sexy body... Very talented, professional
and popular... She is very frank... She can do anything in acting, singing and dancing... For me she is the best I've ever known...

Marian rivera is beautiful inside and out, that's why I'll admired her most...

She's beautiful inside and out, despite having many detractors, she remains firm and true to herself. She's very talented... She acts and dances very well! That's why, she is well love, not only by Filipinos, but also thousands of Malaysians, Cambodians, Indonesians and Vietnamese fans

Very beautiful inside and out. No pretensions, what you see is what you get. Very bubbly and energetic. She's been voted as one of the most beautiful woman in the world. So, now, why not the hottest? Let's all vote for her!

She simple and very down to earth and I love her the way she is, very frank and straight forward to what she wants to do, some people are very judgmental about this lady but for me she so perfect in all aspect of life, I hope she will win..

Super Ganda na... Stunning beauty, I like her most... Idol

Simple but down to earth. True actress in showbiz, people may call her names like "bobita"(stupid) but we know it's not true, she's simple, normal yet gorgeous.. Marian Rivera deserve to be Top. Whatever intriga comes her way she knows when to just stay silent to keep peace. She's not plastic. She can be sexy in her endorsements. Been in FHM's #1 sexiest woman but she turns them down. She is multi-talented. Did you guys know she can do "beatbox" hahaha and close eyes without making it look hard. Really effortless. She will always be GMA's Primetime Queen

Marian is talented also. A versatile actress she can do drama, fantasy, horror and also comedy! An ideal girl sexy, gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. #ilovehersomuch

MARIAN RIVERA... She has to thank GOD for her oh, so naturally beautiful face, her oh, so naturally sexy body, her oh, so naturally flawless white skin... She's truly BLESSED! Every hot male specie around, single or married, knows she's the EXCLUSIVE property of Dingdong Dantes, but are bold and brave to proclaim their admiration and attraction to Marian, the same woman whom Dingdong Dantes (still in a relationship with another actress then, mind you) also, boldly and bravely admitted then, that she finds Marian very attractive and ozing with sex appeal...

Marian Rivera is ALL THAT... And MORE! She looks good in everything she wears, be it just jeans and shirt or something very classy, she exudes a sense of style and elegance which is lacking in most other women or actresses... Plus she is oozing with sex appeal. Naturally sexy without making an effort to be so, X factor to the max, flawless skin, a pair of dimples to die for, beautiful aura, smart and scintillating personality with a bubbly sense of humor that would definite make any man swoon... Want me to say more? I'd fill up a whole web page about her and that still wouldn't be enough...

Many people admire her honesty, humble, caring loving, she such adorable, bubbly and funny, many people likes her because shes very talented can do anything. She can make us cry if she did drama series and she make us laugh and make giggle with her if she did cute then another thing also a lot of people says even if she cry still very pretty. That's why a lot of people loves her dearly many fans scream at her and shes happy always when you see her on T.V. she always smile too.. She is a very good creation of god... Good luck to her..

"she's sexy and you know it"
A lady that is funny, with pretty face, sexy hot body, sweet, charming kind and with a BIG heart to others..
anything else you need?
Just say and she have it!

Marian has the looks that every one love adorable talented although she can't sing as professional but she can sing can dance good as well fine and loveable actress fair skin beautiful women and kind

Love her or hate her, you can't deny the fact that she's very beautiful (natural beauty), flawless, sexy (natural curves) and talented (she can do almost anything from dancings, singing to being funny).

I love marian because shes na2ral person inside and out and most important I like her shes so effortless beauty... And shes very humble and sweet person...

Oh yea! She's not just beautiful but a good person.. She's so charming that shows her kindness! Marian is a real beauty..

She is so hot and Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.

A not so ordinary girl.. That's Marian Rivera, she's pretty in every angle of her face.. Very true to her self, a bubbly person and she never forget people who help her in every challenges and trial she face. Always have a kind heart to children and always there for her friends..

I never doubt her talent because she can portray different roles like drama, love story and even comedy. Too many words to praise and describe her..