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Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.


Megan Fox is the sexiest female celebrity in the world. Nice brunette, hot eyes, nice look, and absolutely a better starlet than that greedy cockroach named Kim Kardashian. Megan might be on her next movie soon after having a baby and the movie she's hoping to play in called "Fathom" will be much bigger than Michael Bay's Transformers movies. Maybe we might use spray cans to spray on billboards around Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and others places that say, "Megan Fox is AWESOME! " Jealous all you want, Kim K. But at least she's not way too greedy with money like you. Go, Megan Fox, Go!
Also if you wanna know what Fathom is, you might wanna look up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo it find out because Megan Fox might be in that movie soon based on a comic book created by Michael Turner.

Everything about her is sexy! Everything! Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her face, her body, her ass, her voice, and even her name is sexy! I mean, MEGAN FOX! That's such a hot name! She is so incredibly hot and an amazing actress! She's makes any movie watchable! I've had a major crush on her since the first Transformers to where she was awesome and sexy in it. She is undeniably the hottest chick on the planet and is most definitely my dream girl! Love you, Megan! Always will!

Even when she was in her high school, without make up and plastics, she was so remarkable beauty! Perfect oval shaped face, great bone structures, gorgeous eyes, feminine figure...

Not like Angelina Jolie; anorexic, bisexual, masculine, pervert and utterly overrated Illuminati robot- on drugs!

I seriously think that only gay men and idiots can prefer somebody else than Megan!

Oh my God! 7! Megan Fox is 7!? You can't tell tell me she's not qualified for number 1! She has everything I could possibly dream of having in a girl. The nice body, sexy legs and butt, and the most beautiful face, and cat-like eyes! You people are crazy, or no, you must be insane not to rank her as number 1! Jesus, what has happened to America's taste in beauty.

she is the most amazing and beautiful woman in the whole world... she has a perfect body and perfect face... her lips her eyes her nose are perfect... she is number 1 in this list for me!

She blows me away. I think she is the sexiest the hottest. I don't get why the hell amy lee is the hottest my god she looks goth like, that's not hot. I can understand jessica alba very hot or jolie (i think they look alike in my opinion) or shakira but still megan fox is just so sexy - gomusic1

She's so hot, I dreamed about making out with her. Like if somebody says she's not hot tell them are you out of you mind. You have to say she is sexy. And they put her on a low number she's sexy You can't do that to hot woman. She's so sexy that everybody had to have sex with her at least once.

I really don't think Megan fox is attractive. She has fake looking plastic surgery and always over tans. I don't think that's what women should strive to look like or act like, considering she isn't very nice either.

What I don't understand is that how can she's not #1 if you look carefully

Why is that? I have to admit that the rest in this list is above average
But to rival Megan? You can't be serious!

I loVe megan how is she eight shes beautiful and she has the best hips and when she was in transformers she was so hot I think hottest women in the universe and she really nice I love Megan fox

She should be number 1 because she deserves this place. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in all the celebrities. Megan Fox is the number 1 hottest and the sexiest girl in all the celebrities. She has the sexy looks of eyes and a real beauty of her body and it seems to be a gift. WE SUPPORT YOU MEGAN!

Do my eyes deceive me or is megan fox really on number 8!, are people so lazy that they can't scroll down and click on the vote button next to her name (which by the way is also hot), come on people!

PS- I think monica bellucci and rachel weisz should make the list!

Okay, she's the 13th ugliest female celebrity, 11th ugliest person alive, and most beautiful celebrity (figured I shouldn't have to put female for that). Doesn't that show that people think she leans towards being ugly? She doesn't belong as #1 on this list. Call me a hypocrite. But before you do, check the other lists I mentioned.

Don't underestimate her, she's the queen of the hottest woman in the world. I believe this now, last time when I watched Transformers (2007) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow, and some other movies.

UTTERLY PERFECT! Just watch her pictures from high school, and you will realise that she was the goddess even before any plastics! Perfectly feminine body, perfect face bones structure... SEXY, SMART, TALENTED! THAT'S MEG!

How can someone been voted 11th ugliest female celebrity and something like 5th ugliest person alive (Just so we're clear, it could be the other way around and I'm not 100% sure about fifth place) be also the most beautiful woman? If they fell closer to the "ugly" category twice, they just can't be the most beautiful woman.

Did someone call her a "natural beauty"? Jesus...

Most of these people have husbands and some of them don't belong on the list. Just because they're beautiful doesn't mean they're nice.

Megan Fox is really HOT!
Aishwarya is beautiful... And Amy Lee? Why Amy?! I think Megan and ONLY Megan Fox must be up there on the first place cause she is THE HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD!

Meghan is a ducking prick, she is fake and has a horse face, she is dumber then a sack of potatoes and has the personality of a rock. Has no butt. - Jermaineb12

She is very very beautiful in every single movie she's in. Has anybody ever seen that part in Jennifer's body where she makes out with Amanda Seyfried? Good lord. I almost had a heart attack.

She should be number one. She's hotter than AMY LEE. And, if you want to hear the best singing voice in the world, check out Tarja Turunen.

She's an untalented, terrible actor that is almost only put in minor roles but WHO CARES? Women don't need brain cells or skills when they can look good, right? This list is stupid.

Megan should be #2. Jessica Alba definitely deserves #1. but Megan Fox showed it in Transformers.

Cool so how bout if she stayed covered up and dressed modestly would people still vote for her and fair enough her looks would still be there but say, looks don't last forever, if (forbid) she lost all that would you still vote her when only her as an individual with a personality and a brain shows? FFT.