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141 Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl V 2 Comments
142 Heidi Klum Heidi Klum Heidi Klum is a German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and occasional actress.

probably most beautiful woman ive ever seen, cant believe shes not already on this list!! - luvtoread

Why isn't she higher? She's beautiful! - henry1234

Heidi Klum 'Is No Longer a 10' - nimamoradi

Not the best face

143 Lucy Pinder Lucy Pinder

She can NOT be this low down! Just impossible... that the sexiest woman out there is not even recognized.

I agree thought love looking at her topless

144 Rosamund Pike Rosamund Pike Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike is an English actress. She began her acting career by appearing in stage productions such as Romeo and Juliet and Skylight.

This bond girl is so damn beautiful and cute...

Eh! Only on 153. Don't know about others. But I think she should be on top 10. - zxm

For me, she is the best
Love her

145 Zoe Saldana Zoe Saldana

I have to admit I fancy Zoe Saldana like rotten. She is such a sexy and gorgeous woman. Oh how I love her.

146 Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears is an American actress and singer/songwriter. The younger sister of recording artist Britney Spears, she is best known for her role as Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101, on which she starred from 2005 to 2008.

She's more controlled and calm and to be honest a lot cuter then her sister for sure(No Offense Brittney Spears Fans)

She is so pretty... I think she is #1 in my book. Idc if she has a kid, she still should be on T.V. and on the red carpet. Jamie has a great smile and a great personally...

147 Danica Patrick Danica Patrick V 1 Comment
148 Tiffany Hwang Tiffany Hwang

She's THE BEST, the most beautiful girl with an angelic eyes' smile..
How... PERFECT is she...

Tiffany is the most beautiful and hot girl in the world!

Tiffany from a well-known kpop group, Girl's Generation.

She's famous for her extremely attractive eye-smile. Her smile is able to melt both guys and girls' heart. On a side note, she has a cute and bubbly personality which never fails to bring a smile to her fans' face.

With a humble background and a family which is unsupportive of her pursuit of career, she nevertheless did not give up and always strive to be at her best in her music and stage performances. Her efforts can be seen from the tremendous improvement in her vocal range since debut. Plus she's always looking so hot and sexy on stage! - siu00eaunku00ednhu1ea3nh

My bias in SNSD, I love her to death.

V 8 Comments
149 Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Connelly

Whats wrong with you people? Jen is perfect, even in her 40s... You have never seen her movie sex scenes? Don't you remember how stunning she was and how perfect she has become? I'm married but I truly envy Paul Bettany. How the perfect girl is losing to such ugly stand up comedians as Whitney Cummings and Sarah Silverman? Oh God, the humanity... - vpenno

she should be number one and a beautiful person inside, What a knockout!
She's a raven beauty, humble person

She was better looking when she was younger, but still quite good looking, just not as much

Jennifer connelly, catherine zeta jones, amy adams, mia kirshner, nicole kidman, naomi watts...
these are much better looking women than 90% of the top 100 on this list
even kristen stewart is ranked above 100, she should be in top 20

V 1 Comment
150 Jennette McCurdy Jennette McCurdy Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy is an American actress, screenwriter, producer, singer and songwriter.

She's the most beautiful girl on earth inside and out, her blonde shining hair, gorgeous smile and deep blue eyes make her simply stunning and... Come on! She's saltier than everyone else

151 Dallas Flexhaug

Dallas Flexhaug is one of the most beautiful women ever. I love the way she looks at me every night when I watch her on my T.V.. One day she will ask me to marry her.

There's something about that sexy mouth... Bet it does more than just talk well.

Shes up there with all of them. Hotest women in Calgary. She is newscasts best. Top brains, looks, body and charisma.

I agree, she is a built, beautiful sexy woman.

V 1 Comment
152 Kate Winslet Kate Winslet Kate Elizabeth Winslet, is an English actress and singer. She is the recipient of an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, four Golden Globe Awards, a Grammy Award, and three BAFTA Awards.

i cant beliebe shes not higher than this. shes absolutly stunning. a real beauty

My all-time favourite actress. I wish she'd stayed as a redhead like she was in Titanic.

Red hair = hot

She is what you would call a real woman. That voluptuous body is too hard to resist. - jimmy12lee

She is the most perfect women in the world!

V 4 Comments
153 Jennylyn Mercado Jennylyn Mercado

Very beautiful even WITHOUT MAKE UP. Beautiful inside and out! A HOT mama.. She's so sexy... Beautiful, talented (can sing, act, dance, play guitar piano drums and violin, a painter, knows photography(underwater and land)
and she's sporty, can make her more SEXY (a triathlete and she's into jujitsu)


Very pretty.. And sexy.. And talented

singing acting hosting can dance..

can be an international actress too

Multi-talented filipina actress, she's so pretty, kind, down to earth, beautiful inside and out, still gorgeous without make up, can sing, dance and very good in acting, and in hosting, knows how to play musical instruments, knows how to bake delicious cupcakes, sporty (triathlete, diver, she's into juijitsu). A true life survivor and a loving mom. HOT MAMA!

She is so hot and sexy!

V 79 Comments
154 Eva Green Eva Green Eva Gaƫlle Green is a French actress and model. She started her career in theatre before making her film debut in 2003 in Bernardo Bertolucci's film The Dreamers.

Elegant, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, great body and superb tits! Smoky grey/blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair that's super exotic!

Ever is very beautiful girl

Amazing. Definition of gorgeous.

I am in love with her. That should be enough.

155 Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey is a California based singer, songwriter, and model who currently resides in Malibu, California. She was born under the name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant to entrepreneur Robert England Jr. and Patricia Ann Hill in rural Lake Placid, New York on June 21, 1985. She has two siblings, Chuck and more.

How can Lana Del Rey be number 171? She's so beautiful! I met her and she is even more BEAUTIFUL in real life than in pictures! People have such bad taste SMH

She is so hot and sexy

A vast majority of the top ones are talentless, ugly hacks.

U must live in a another world she is so beatiful

V 1 Comment
156 Una Healy Una Healy V 1 Comment
157 Arianny Celeste

The UFC is made perfect by this woman. She literally reduces my uncles vocabulary to just one word. 'Tits'.

158 Lisa Raye
159 Claudia Gadelha Claudia Gadelha Ana Claudia Gadelha is a Brazilian MMA fighter and currently competes in the women strawweight division in the UFC and with a record of 14-2-0

Her and Ronda roisey are the best and prettiest ufc fighters ever

160 Isabela Moner Isabela Moner Isabela Moner is an American actress and singer. She is known for her lead role on the Nickelodeon television series 100 Things to Do Before High School and for her role as Izabella in the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight.
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