Scarlett Johansson

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Classic, intelligent, talented, beautiful. Scarlett is so down to earth and has natural beauty. She has an attitude that expects respect. She's sexy but dignified. She's beautiful inside and out and I love her.

Scarlett Johansson has amazing curves. She is absolutely gorgeous and her blonde hair is beautiful. I'm voting her up because she is incredibly sexy, and also because it amazes me that she is only five places above Rihanna, who is no where near as sexy as Scarlett.

Scarlett is sexy looking, although I would add it doesn't appear she wants or wishes to be regarded in that manner. She is the epitome of most men's desires, but isn't a sex demon that wold fulfill them. I still rate her very high on sexuality though.

She should become an example of absolute beauty. I mean don't even get me started with those boobs they are so juicy.

I have no idea how a women could be this sexy. She has everything both a women and a man want. Any guy would give up everything to spend a night with her and any women would give up everything to be her. She's an angel reincarnated into a girl

Clearly the hottest on this list. There are some strange entries on this list, but I think everyone can agree that Scarlett is seriously hot as hot can be!

No argument, hands down, most beautiful. And classy! She's definitely down to earth too! Wonderful woman I would someday like to meet. I also see her as a role model for myself! Love her and her acting!

Holly Crap, she is so hot. I stare every time I see her, and seeing her in real life would make me melt. I had a massive crush on her ever since I saw her. She should be number 1

Perfect lips perfect smile amazing complexion she is just all around the most beautiful women on this planet and every guy gets a rise just thinking about her

The ultimate, hands down, number one most touchable woman to snuggle with. Comfortably beautiful in the warmest, softest most confidently understated way a movie star could be.

Scarlett Johansson is the most gorgeous female ever! Her face is like porcelain, and she has this classic look about her -- she is just so beautiful! I can't believe she isn't number one, let alone in the top ten!! - darkvineyard

Scarlett Johansson is beautiful inside and out. She looks fabulous no matter what she's wearing, how her hair's done, and if she's wearing makeup. More importantly, she's smart, headstrong, a great actress, and athletic. - badwolfgirl

Those large, soft breasts. That plump, firm, curvy ass. Those luscious lips. The captivating green eyes. This woman's body was sculpted by Aphrodite herself. - Phenenas

She's not sexy in a conventional way. She has this absorbing and unique beauty that is undeniably the best in the world. Her body is also just right, every proportion is modest and correct.

Her entire body is perfect! I mean just look at those boobs! Tell me you wouldn't want to just suck on them all day! And that ass, oh my God the things I would do with her.

She is very beautiful! I love most every movie she is in! So talented and clearly very pretty to look at! - PrincessSams15

What is wrong with you people? She is the hottest woman alive. I wish I could meet her, it would be amazing. She was so hot in Avengers. She should be number 1

The Complete Quality woman. Classy, smart, beautiful, sexy, talented, fearless, successful.

Honestly, just look at her. She is one of the only women on this list with curves. Not to mention an amazing actress.

She is so beautiful and has an incredible body If only there were more girls like her the world would be a much better place to live

Why is she number 66? She is the definition of hot and sexy. Look at her in Marvel movies with her red hair and tight clothing - MatthewtheMagma

The Definition of Hot: Scarlett Johansson

She's classy, an amazing actress since a young age and the most beautiful lady on this planet (this century).. Hands down the hottest woman!

She is the charm - that no one can stop from being attracted by her seductive green eyes.

Wow those sexy eyes show true beauty