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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sing in alto .


Can I point out that in her early career as an actress she was attracted to Demi Lovato? (And may have even made out with Miley Cyrus), and she's kinda bratty and childish. She's maybe cute, but she's not exactly the same level as (not necessarily in this order) Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Upton. (Notice I didn't include Megan Fox or Jessica Alba? That's because Kunis, Johansson and Upton were all nominated "sexiest woman alive" for one year. If I recall correctly, Kunis was nominated in 2012, Johansson in 2013 or 2014 and Upton 2015. Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox? Never. Sure, since you keep finding different, more attractive pics of them, they look cute or pretty. Well, not so much Fox. She was in the top five for most ugly women and people in general. And she just looks weird. A plastic surgery mess.

Selena gomez is the most beautiful girl I have seen on television. In my opinion selena is very beautiful and in my top 5 she is definitely in my 5. She has the perfect face that I have ever seen. Justin has to be one of the luckiest guy. I'm not a Justin fan but he has my respect for having such a beautiful girl with him. She is a good actor besides that beautiful.

She is so beautiful, hot, awesome singer, great actress and I love her. I'm her biggest fan. I just few days ago got her album 'STARS DANCE' and every songs is so super I don't know what is best. I really think you should vote for her and get her to number1. Selena you are the best.

I'm actually her biggest fan. I dream about her all the time. I want to eat her tampons

She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is very nice and is a great singer and actress. She is all round the best ever so vote for this hottie - decorulez97

This girl rocks and she should be number 1 and she is the most beautiful person ever!
If you don't believe it then search it up and find out because just by looking at her you will agree with me and if you don't then say it to my face! She rocks and rocks her face and she will forever and always do so. But just keep one thing in mind, to keep calm and be a Selenator! But to be one means that you will have to be loyal to her and never let go of her and always love her.

I think Selena should be first place. She is so pretty. She has cool voice and great personality. She so much better than everybody else. I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ SO MUCH

You Got To Be Kidding Me What Shes Doing On This List

Selena gomez definitely deserves to be number one. Every bit of selena is sexy her hair, eyes, face, legs, boobs, and ass. Her body is perfection and any one with eyes knows she is the sexiest woman ever plus she is young and who wouldn't want to tap that

Selena is only 19 - almost 20 on July 22 - and she is this far up on the list, that just shows her true beauty. She really shines when she smiles and her beauty makes her stand out among other people her age I think Selena should be in the top ten! Come on why hasn't everyone voted her?

I agree, Selena is the hottest girl in the world! She voiced Mavis Dracula so good back in two Hotel Transylvania, she has the cutest laugh back in Wizards of Waverly place and even real life! I actually went to the Revival concert in Sydney

Not only her face and body the best, but she also has the best feet I have ever seen, especially when she has black nail polish. Her foot bottoms are great too.

Most accurate comment here. She has the most beautiful feet in the world.

Oh my god! How could anyone say there is and person hotter than Selena Gomez?! She is the definition of physical perfection, and that's just the exterior! She also has the most stunning voice in history. Come on, she should bi number 1.

She's the best she should be in the first place. Since you think Justin Bieber is hot I think that everyone should consider her as the hottest too cause she's jb's girl.

There is a lot of pretty girls out there but selena gomez is young and hot. Not only that but she is also an actor. She can still look just as good as she does with mak up on as without make up on

When you see her sweet smile, it will remind you of the most beautiful days in your life. She's such a talent girl, she never shows her fans tears. Selena! You bring me the best, I'll love you more than Justin!

Her hair is goals. She is NATURAL like please, have you seen her Instagram posts? And SHE CURLS HER HAIR. Big whoop! CELEBRITIES CURL THEIR HAIR and she also wears it straight often! - ematree

So beautiful, pretty, everything about her is perfect! She is much hotter than Megan Fox!

Marry me Selena - brennanmerone

I love how she looks so young... It's like a woman who won't age hard and ugly. I love Selena Gomez... I hope she finds a real man who will appreciate her and love her for who she is.

Even though I'm not a fan, though I really do like Kill Em With Kindness, I must admit that she is very attractive and kept herself very nice; without plastic surgery.

I love her so much I had a crush on her for so long and my crush will never finish the only reason I came to this website is because I want to see if selena gomez is here

She just makes the most beautiful music in the world plus Justin was a butt to her she could be treated more wonderfully to have a man!

I have always found Selena to be a very beautiful young lady and one that revs up the adrenaline inside of me! Would love to have her as my very own wife! Yummy!

Selena is also a great woman as well as being immensely attractive. I believed she own this place as one of the hottest woman around here. She deserved it.

She I really beautiful without any surgeries or anything, her makeup is always on point and even without makeup SHE SLAYS.!

Just watch her new music video "Come and Get It" and you sit there at that computer and try to tell me she is not the sexiest woman you have ever seen.