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Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.


I have never seen anyone manipulate their body like she does... - heather

First off check out shakira live Paris concert oil shiny skin tight pants she always top herself don't see how she could top that concert amy lee number one shakira 8 not going to waste my time seeing where stacy keibler is or if shes even on it shakira and stacy need to be higher this is the worst hottest list ever ya amy lee is hot but hotter then shakira and stacy keibler britney spears carmen electra beyonce fergie jenna jameson

First things first. SHAKIRA IS A FRIGGING GODDESS! Like these people make me want to rip out my eyes! Why!
Second. Literally no one can beat Shakira. Especially when it comes to movements. Need I sing the song explaining how her hips don't lie?
Third. Is the picture not enough to make you believe me? Like that's not even all of her! She is the literal total package.
Fourth. Male or female, no matter what! Everyone, at some point in their life, wants to bang Shakira. It does not matter if you are sixteen or sixty! At some point, you feel like it.

She is awesome she makes all the other girls look stupid girls should step down to her because have you seen every body is wearing makeup but she don't because she is sexy

So so sexy.. Her accent is so sexy.. Her hips are so nice.. None can move like her.. By far the sexiest woman alive

Shakira is the one lady that could make me go lesbian haha. I love her voice, it's unique and sultry. She's naturally beautiful, no makeup needed. Let's not forget those hips! The way she dances and moves is incredible. Not to mention, she's down to earth and giving and caring. Inner and outer beauty, no competition!

Please watch the video of She Wolf and I'm sure you will vote for her. She is the hottest artist I've ever seen.

Hands down, the most beautiful woman to ever walk this planet. People always comment on her body, and don't get me wrong, it IS indeed perfect, but her face goes beyond perfection. A TOTAL beauty. I am so in love with her.

Shakira is completely amazing. She's so sexy, but she doesn't flaunt what she's got. She's not a slut, and that makes her even sexier.

She has a sexy butt and I drool whenever I see her. Really number 7 on this list! I mean who would not bang that ass.

I think that she's a beautiful woman and a talented singer. Maybe in the future I can be a talented woman like you. You are very sexy and the best, you are like angelina jolie but you are more perfect. Maybe my vote can push you to do more and more over

Yes I'm a girl but let me tell yah that woman can shake her A**, she is definitely hot in my book! - XXIronsuicideXX

oh my god sexiest women in the world its not even a competition with the people above her. look at her body and imagine that anywhere - DouglasandSthefany

I think Shakira is a very very sexy and hottest beautiful girl of the world she has very sexy figure, I like her so much - Lover

With her cute face, body and dancing ability she is the best ever! - hari7manutd

All you white people better back off of Shakira she doesn't need any more stalkers than she already has.

Do worry shakira I got your back. Ain't nobody gonna touch you or your family. Tell Gerard I said good luck

If you ever think anyone is hotter than Shakira, just watch the music video "can't remember to forget you".

Shakira should be at least in the Top. She is like real Fire. Her dancing is impressive. Real Goddess of Beauty and Dancing. Fantastic woman! - Irina2932

The hottest chic on the planet by far. Amy Lee doesn't even come close, neither does jolie. - kilotreduece

I'm with heather on this has anyone else manipulated their body like Shakira, it is impossible, I'm serious, try it, you will see I am right.

I like Shakira a lot. But she is far from beautiful, without all the makeup, clothes and window dressing. Saw her on the news in court. She looked like the above average woman. Not beautiful, few really are. - Casimm

She is too sweet and pretty as well. She looks like a cute baby.

I completely agree. Hottest thing to come out of South America.

Shakira I'm married otherwise I would marry you in a heart beat you are so hott I love you so much please keep being the way you are thank you for all this years bye

look at her face voice smile and body shes the best