Hottest WWE Divas of 2014

2014 is a special year for wwe, especially the divas and total divas heres a list of the top 5!

The Top Ten

1 Eva Marie Eva Marie Natalie Marie Coyle, known professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is an American actress, fitness model, valet, and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Eva Marie.

Ever marie you suck in the ring and need to carry yo Italian red head ass back to nxt because what you do in the ring I doub't you'll will ever be divas championship match in the future and be just like the red head maria

Soon hot and beautiful. The manager of Bella Twins

� - Nominated top 100 hottest women for maxim

� - Sexy Slim body and bright crismon/Red Hair

� - Sexy Outfits, Wears got outfits in the ring

� - Strong And Powerful, Totally the Best!

2 Nikki Bella Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American professional wrestler and actress signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown brand. more.

shes hot


Ͽ� - Hotter than twin Brie Bella

� - Girlfriend To John Cena

� - Brown hair and tanned body

� - Slim Body With sexy Muscles

Nikki bella sucks she's a slut and I hate the bella twins because they have no respect aka John Cena way out of yo lead and brie bitch ass with that ugly beard stank ass goat face Daniel bryan could should go home and brie is a slut and bom

/the bella twins need to quit.

3 Paige Paige Saraya-Jade Bevis is an English professional wrestler and actress. She is signed to WWE, where she performs under the ring name Paige.

Her Birthday Month is August same as me

Ͽ� - A newbie to WWE

� - from GB

� - slim sexy body

� - Divas Champion

Bitch you're irrevant in WWE you need to also go back to nxt

4 Natalya Natalya Natalie Katherine "Nattie" Neidhart, known by the ring names Natalya and Natalya Neidhart, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE.

� - Hottie on total divas

� - Blond hair with pink highlights

� - Strongest Diva On the Rouser!

5 Cameron V 2 Comments
6 AJ Lee AJ Lee April Jeanette "AJ" Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler.
7 Naomi Naomi
8 Alicia Fox Alicia Fox Victoria Elizabeth Crawford is an American model, actress, and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Alicia Fox, performing on the Raw brand.
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1. Nikki Bella
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3. Eva Marie
1. Eva Marie
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3. Nikki Bella



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