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41 Collins Key

He's so cute and seems like a fun person to be around. His hair.

How can his name not be there at all

He has the most beautiful eyes and smile. I love his uncanny ability to get red whenever he gets too nervous or just by laughing or choking to hard 😂
I love his energy and possitive crazy approach and attitude to everything in his life. He takes care of all his siblings and loves them so much, and just generally is a loving person.
The thing I love most about his is how he can smile with his eyes. You can tell that he is happy just by looking at his beautiful icy blue eyes. his siblings are very lucky to have an older bro like him. Conner, If by chance you get to read this comment I love you Conner! Stay happy and healthy and just stay yourself because you are so amazing and special to me. Love you bro! ❤️ xxx

42 Ethan Klein

Um why isn't the fupa lord higher on the list? I am v offended that you would put all of these basic people over the thicc bitch that is H3H3 #hilakleiner

43 iJustine
44 Onision

Onision is literally just a horrible person, if someone is that rude and awful they aren't hot, I don't understand why people vote for onision or sam pepper or any of these people because they are all terrible people - pjo

First, this dude is hot! He has an amazing personality when it comes to being honest! He doesn't care what people think! Definitely should be top ten and 10/10

Onision should be #1

YAS onision is so sweet irl. He can be a little bit of a jerk in videos but that is just who he is on YouTube. Being an ass is basically his art.

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45 Rhett McLaughlin
46 Alfie Deyes

Why should ALFIE GORGEOUS DEYES be voted as hottest male YouTuber? Has anyone got any eyes? Have you seen his beautiful eyes and hair. I will say not more but ALFIE is a GOD!

47 PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags) PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags)

He is the most attractive YouTube I've seen. - Lapis525

Google him.

48 Craftbattleduty (Lachlan) V 1 Comment
49 ScottySire V 1 Comment
50 Egoraptor Egoraptor

You coulda chosen a more recent picture, I think he looks better with a beard.

51 Joel (Vinesauce)
52 Trevor Moran

He's so adorable and has a great smile and great music! He makes my entire day better.

Trevor should totally be on the top 10. I've been watching his videos for years. he's cute and inspiring and definintly my favorite male YouTuber! - eleanorcareyroy

53 Tom Phelan Tom Phelan more.
54 Chester See

All on this list is a joke compared to Chester. Chester is the sexiest YouTuber out there, he looks really good and does actually work out compared to some on this list. Muscular people for the win, yeah!

55 Dylan Dauzat

He's just the best

56 Matthew Patrick (matpat) Matthew Patrick (matpat)

Smart, plays a lot of video games, good singer, good actor, good looking, whats not to love about this goofy guy?

He is the cutest in my opinion

I love him. Sooo jealous of Stephanie, but I love her too.

57 CutiePieMarzia

She's beautiful. Her and PewDiePie are goals - Catacorn

Love her style!

It's in the name Cutie Pie Marzia

No why is she 54 she deserves to be higher she a cute chic👿👿👿

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58 Jon Jafari

He makes my day everyday. So funny and awesome.

59 Twaimz
60 Simplynessa15
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