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1 Kicking Things In the Dark

What a horrible experience that leaves you cussing on the ground in pain! Most often, people step on kids' toys, kick baskets, stools, vacuum cleaners, anything. - emraldYE

This is really bad. The pain is incredible, especially if you have bare feet. Your toes take the lot. - Britgirl

Trip. OUCH! The only time I can find something is when I trip over it in the dark. - Epekov

2 Dropping Electronic Device On Face

Startling, painful, and annoying! What a pain to drop your phone/ipod on your face, especially if it's heavy and large. - emraldYE

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3 Running Out of Toilet Paper

When ever I'm on the toilet looking at the toilet paper dispenser. And there's a tube just laying on the dispenser. I Just run to the basement to get toilet paper. I Know it's just damn gross. But I been doing it since I was 4 years old

I agree. Especially bad in public toilets. I've learned to check for paper before I shut the door. Better late than never, I say! - Britgirl

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4 Lagging TV/Videos

Waiting FOREVER just so you can browse some channels and find a good program to watch. Especially during a false storm warning

5 Printing Two Things On the Same Side of Paper

Also a school pet peeve. So annoying. Worse in schools if they charge you for it. - PositronWildhawk

6 Vacuum Cord Too Short

So annoying when you are vacuuming and the cord is either bunched up or just too short, and the plug comes out of the socket. - emraldYE

I Own A Eureka Whirlwind SpinDuster Upright Vacuum. And When Ever I Vacuum The Rug in my living room. It seems to me that the cord is god damn short. But I Always Plug a Extension Cord That I get from the shed and plug it into the cord that goes to my Vacuum Cleaner.

7 Forgetting a Wash Cloth
8 Leaving the Freezer Open

Don't you just hate it when your ice cream melts and your food spoils? But especially your ice cream melts? - emraldYE

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9 Bowls and Cups Falling Out of the Cabinet

Broken china and food everywhere, especially annoying when keeping the pets off. - PositronWildhawk

10 Homework

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11 Someone Moving and/or Misplacing Your Stuff
12 Overflowing Sink or Shower
13 Nagging Mothers
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