How to Be a Good Anti-Brony

how to be a good anti brony just do the step and you will be fine

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1 Attack the bronys

Find brony groups on website and attack them - phoogles

2 Make anti brony groups on sites

Get as much members as you can - phoogles

3 Defend your group

Make sure that bronys don't join and attack you - phoogles

4 Brony fights

If you a fight brony they try to use logic - phoogles

5 You must watch the show

You have to watch the show to be a true anti brony you have to try not to turn into one if you do this you will gain rights for arguements when they say you never watched the show - phoogles

6 Make sure your friends are not bronys

If you have a friend that's a brony please try and convert them and if there a cloper they need help BAD - phoogles

7 Make an anti-brony website

If you make one you will gain a advantage - phoogles

8 Destroy group that are in the making

If a brony group is being made use all you groups mates and raid it - phoogles

9 Make a video about anti-bronys

If you need people to join your group make a video about your group - phoogles

10 Stay safe

Try not to let ANY brony try to convert you at all costs if you feel like there geting to you leave the chat FAST - phoogles

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1. Attack the bronys
2. Make anti brony groups on sites
3. Defend your group



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