How to Get Over a Heartbreak

On December 21st, 2014, I got into a stupid break up.. Heart aches are the worst, involving heartbreak, tears and depression.. well I am here to show you how to get over it and that I am here for ya

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1 Find comfort in family/friends

I can be that friend - Sillykitty

2 Mingle with others

Mingle with other people :) get to know people (i'm single lol) - Sillykitty

3 Be positive
4 Don't regret the decisions
5 Know that you deserve better

I got depression after a bad breakup too, despite people telling me I was beautiful and deserve better, I didn't believe it, I felt worthless. It gets better, you eventually get over it, my depression lasted a year, but as long as you remember there is someone out there, willing to love you just the way you are, it really helps. - Stevenuniversefangirl

That person obviously didn't realize what they had - Sillykitty

Honestly, this is the best option!

6 People come and go like seasons

We all meet someone new, people come and go all the time - Sillykitty

7 Know you are beautiful

Everyone is beautiful, don't make him/her think otherwise - Sillykitty

Including you, of course. Stumbled upon your list and profile and it's so obvious that you have a wonderful heart and spirit, intelligence and mature perspective to share with the world. And come on, I know you know you are cute! Stay strong. - Billyv

8 Listen to Adele and Taylor Swift songs
9 Think of yourself

Don't let that person make you feel lower than what you really are - Sillykitty

10 Keep smiling

Keep smiling, this too shall pass - Sillykitty

The Contenders

11 Forget everything

Forget every moment with them... - Sillykitty

12 Know it was him/her not you

That person was not good enough - Sillykitty

13 Don't think about it
14 Know that heartbreak is part of life
15 "There are many other fish in the sea."

There are many other people to meet and mingle, so don't limit yourself! - evan_a_harvey

16 Cry until you get over it
17 Listen to Let Her Go

My friend did that. She broke up with him against her will and he moved to a different country. - Brokenangel

18 Listen to upbeat music
19 Don't speak or look at him / her

Like they say : Out of sight, out of mind. If you have no contact anymore by any form you will be able to forget him more quickly.

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