Best How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episodes

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1 How Your Mother Met Me

This episode was a basic love letter to the entire series. It references so many things. I wonder if Tracy's friend was actually the same actress who was fooled By Barney in The Playbook though... although I have to say that Mitch's two out of three times should be three out of four since it worked on Tracy's friend. For anybody wondering, tracy is the mother. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Unpause


3 Gary Blauman
4 Bass Player Wanted
5 The End of The Aisle
6 Vesuvius
7 Platonish

So many great moments in one episode. One of the first mentions of the mother and tells the tale of how barney wrote down his greatest challenge

8 Last Forever - Part 1
9 The Rehearsal Dinner
10 Rally

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11 No Questions Asked
12 Last Forever - Part 2
13 Sunrise
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