Top Ten How I Met Your Mother Seasons


The Top Ten

1 Season 2

Season 2 is where all everyone got really comfortable in their roles and began to truly produce the comedic factor that makes How I Met Your Mother the best sitcom ever.

This has my favourite episode, World's Greatest Couple. I laughed real hard at Lily posing as Barney's wife!

The best season of all time because of so many reasons

Slapsgiving, Robin Sparkles, and a single Barney! Impossimpible to beat!

2 Season 1
3 Season 4

Easy the best. But what's up with the list season 1-5 are the 5 best seasons?

Because Barney falls for Robin

4 Season 7

Duckie tie, Nora and Quinn what's not to like?

Lilys boobs are the best in this season

5 Season 6

Such a good season Two beavers are better than one!
Plus I love how it developed with Marshall

6 Season 9

The season than made me Laugh the most

Underrated but the ending was horrible.

The best ending! For ever

Cristin Milioti. enough said

7 Season 5

Really great season the show now about to air season 9 is not as good as it was but their is still a lot of laughs throughout the later seasons (7-9)

But, um...


8 Season 8

I can't believe that the show is almost over I watched from 4th grade now I am in 10th grade anyways this is really good it is kinda better then the 7th season

Its coming to the end guys. More power to How I Met Your Mother. Truly onempf the best shows ever. Watched it since 3rd grade and now I'm in 8th grade, it still is my favorite show. God bless this show.

This is by far the awesomest season of How I Met Your Mother I have seen... The season has only four episodes so far but I have loved them thoroughly. I love this show so bay I will never let go...

9 Season 3
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